Google Cloud Platform Regional And Multi-regional Persistent Disk Snapshots

Google Cloud Platform Regional And Multi-regional Persistent Disk Snapshots

To have a point in time data protection for your GCP compute engine instance you can create the persistent disk snapshots. Google Cloud Platform recently allowed you to specify the snapshot storage location for your disk snapshot feature in beta.

You can specify the regional and multi-regional level for the disk snapshots, check out the Regional and Multi-regional locations available for this operation in Google Cloud Platform here. This regional and multi-regional level snapshot operation can be really helpful for compliance and business continuity requirements. You can either specify this in the GCP console or the gcloud command line interface.

Specify The Persistent Disk Snapshots Storage Location In Google Cloud Console

To create a disk snapshot click on the ‘Snapshot” option in the compute engine, I have created a single Virtual Machine instance to test this feature.

Persistent Disk Snapshots : Snapshot

Click on “Create snapshot” button

Persistent Disk Snapshots : Create Snapshot

To create Multi-regional persistent disk snapshots click on the “Multi-regional” radio button, also make sure to provide a relevant name and a description for your snapshot. “US, EU and Asia” regions will list in the drop down menu and select the required region to place the disk snapshot.

Persistent Disk Snapshots : Specify the multi region

To select the regional locations select the “Regional” radio button and you’ll see the list of available locations

Persistent Disk Snapshots : Regional

How To Use Cloud Shell To Create Persistent Disk Snapshots

Note the source disk name and zone of the disk which you are going to take the snapshot and open the cloud shell.

Persistent Disk Snapshots : Open the cloud shell

gcloud beta compute disks snapshot [source-disk-name] --zone=[source-disk-zone] --snapshot-names=[snapshot-name] --storage-location=[storage-location]

Specify the Region or Multi-region correctly in the command, below command specify the region

Persistent Disk Snapshots : command regional

Specify the multi-region

Persistent Disk Snapshots : Command multi-regional

Persistent disk snapshots will be created in regions as you specify in the above commands

Persistent Disk Snapshots : Created Snapshots

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