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  1. Gabor Marko
    Gabor Marko at |

    I followed the same on a Windows 10 laptop and disabling Hyper-V triggered the drive encryption solution (Dell Data Protection) to make the data inaccessible as it noticed a config change. See KB https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/sln292914/

  2. Reza Maleki
    Reza Maleki at |

    tank you very much for shared information . tank for very good step by step description.:)

  3. Utnapistim Yilmaz
    Utnapistim Yilmaz at |

    Hi, NOT your fold, VMWARE disabled the link to “VMware KB (2146361)” – the page stays blank. Same of course for all other tips that use that link

  4. Sumit
    Sumit at |

    This error message prompted VMware workstation and device are not compatible.VMware workstation can be run after disabling device guard
    I follow all your steps
    Pls resolved my issue I have more problem to use
    Please help me

  5. Nicholas Kurian
    Nicholas Kurian at |

    I’ve tried all the steps mentioned in this site but am still facing the same issue. I’ve gone through a lot of links for the past 2 days and would really appreciate if you could help me out. ANY ideas/suggestions would be highly appreciated.

  6. Nicholas Kurian
    Nicholas Kurian at |

    I was able to solve it. Thanks for the reply.

  7. Dave
    Dave at |

    This worked for me! I had a BIOS update (Gigabyte) and a major Windows 10 update (1803) between starts of VMWare so I don’t know if BIOS or Windows was the cause, but I started a previously-working VMWare Workstation Pro one morning and saw the error popup.

    I did not have to do the mount fake volume and do BCD Edits… I just changed Group Policy and disabled Hyper-V feature.

    Thanks very much Aruna!

  8. Ciljo Joseph
    Ciljo Joseph at |

    Thank you! It worked for me

  9. Jeet
    Jeet at |

    Hello Sir,,, I’ve followed steps given by you but still facing same issue.. I’ve tried everthing so sir please Help me …

  10. Jim
    Jim at |

    Hello all,

    when i run the commands appears the below msg

    The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
    Access is denied.


  11. JD reibexo
    JD reibexo at |

    On Windows 2016 Datacenter [Version 10.0.14393] not working your mountvol syntax:
    mountvol x: /s
    The parameter is incorrect. I don’t have any unused drives to test.

  12. Nicaise Vincent
    Nicaise Vincent at |

    Un tout grand merci.
    Ça fonctionne à nouveau.
    j’ai ramé pendant 4 heures.
    avec votre solution 10 minutes.



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