TechCrumble is a Tech website mainly focusing on Virtualization, Cloud and Cloud Native Technologies. Main intention behind starting this website was knowledge sharing and making a helping hand to the TechCommunity with latest releases of the products and how to articles. This website was voted as Top 73 Virtualization blog in the Top vBlog 2018 contest.


My Name is Aruna Fernando, the author of www.techcrumble.net.

I have more than decade of experience in Virtualization and Cloud Native technologies. I’m really passionate about learning and acquiring latest technologies and skill sets which I can play a prominent role in my career and always thinking about to be a great asset to my employer.

I always try to renew my skills and knowledge, spending time on my test labs and going through the latest white papers released by the vendors. Initially, I started this blog as a personal knowledge base and I started to write articles for a wider audience after sometime. I was really in love with VMware technologies and I started studying alone, I attended to the trainings. I had to do a lot alone to find my own passion.

I think this piece of space is a really good place to share my experience and the knowledge that I gain through out my career. It’s really hard to write articles with my busy lifestyle but however I manage to find few hours to write articles whenever possible. Also, I’m holding few industry certificates and planning to gain some more in the future. I have been awarded as the VMware vExpert for the year of 2017 and 18.

If I’m not working, most probably I’m watching movies, walking in the woods and spending some quality time with my lovely family. I have a lovely wife and she is always right next to me when I need the most.

Awards :

  • VMware vExpert 2017
  • VMware vExpert 2018
  • VMware NSX vExpert 2018
  • Voted as Top 73 Virtualization blog, 2nd favorite new blogger and 6th independent blogger in Top vBlog 2018 contest Read more!

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The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.