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VMware Introduces Project Pacific, Transform vSphere In To An App Platform

I have a great news for you, today, VMware introduces Project Pacific which vSphere deeply integrate with Kubernetes for your application platform. Project Pacific involves with VMware vSphere with cloud native Kubernetes to deploy applications on vSphere. Embed Kubernetes into the control plane of VMware vSphere, compute and storage converging Virtual Machines and Container PODs in a way of secure consuming way.

This simply means, you can monitor and manage Kubernetes objects such as PODs from your well known vSphere client.

Targeting Application Focused Management

If you’re a vSphere admin, you must well experienced with managing and monitoring your Virtual Machines. By introducing Project Pacific VMware more focusing towards the application focused management rather than monitoring Virtual Machines or Containers. Project Pacific will enable the application level management with enabling policies, quota and RBAC for app developers. This will run you through the visibility of vCenter Server for Kubernetes, underline Virtual Machines and Containers adapting VMware’s enterprise-grade capabilities such as vSphere HA, DRS and vMotion in to the application layer.

VMware Introduces Project Pacific architecture

How IT Operators And Developers Collaboration Works ?

Generally, IT Operators will use vSphere tools to Kubernetes clusters to its developers same as they used to deliver the Virtual Machines in the past. Developers can use Kubernetes APIs to access SDDC Infrastructure.

How VMware Partners Benefited With Project Pacific?

VMware Partners can use their tools to work with container based applications without any modifications, while reducing the complexity of application development in the hybrid cloud.

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Project Pacific is currently in preview mode, and we expect this will continue to evolve in the future to provide more application focused cloud application platform to its customers.

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