Vembu Webinar : Why do we need Multiple Recovery options?

Vembu Webinar : Why do we need Multiple Recovery options?

VembuDisaster recovery options are quite important to the running services and these disaster recovery mechanisms should be able to recover/restore the affected services as soon as possible without making a serious impact to a company or it’s revenue. That’s where these reliable disaster recovery options are coming in to play.

One of the most leading software and cloud leading provide Vembu has a different vision on these disaster recovery options and mechanisms and highlight the importance of having multiple recovery options in the production environments.

Eager to know more on which Backup and DR strategy to adopt for your business?

Attend the live webinar by Vembu highlighting the different recovery options available and how to make the best use of them to keep your data centers shielded

Vembu Webinar :May 31, Thursday – 12 noon ET, 4PM GMT, 9AM PT

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Here’s what you can expect:

  • Why recovery is more important than backup?

  • Recovery use-cases

  • Need for multiple recovery options

  • Live Demo

Why is recovery more important than a backup?

All your data is vulnerable to a threats, viruses and anything that can harm to your organization and it’s reputation. Safeguarding your data is quite important and you might be ready to face any sort of disaster and you need to have your data available for faster recovery.

Losing data is really easy, that can be varying from human error, hardware malfunction to a natural disaster like flooding or tornado and no one guarantee that there might not be something like that in the future.

The most important thing is your reputation and you can’t have a downtime with your business. So you need to think about a suitable backup strategy to your organization.

Important Factors in a DR Plan

  • RPO – Recovery Point Objective 

RPO determines the amount of data that a business could afford to lose when a disruption occurs.

  • RTO – Recovery Time Objective

It is the time window between the occurrence of a disruptive event and a return to fully operational business status, essentially, the downtime. It basically determines how long you can afford to stay out of business.

Important factors in backup and recovery mechanism

Following are some of the most widely adopted and looked for features while adopting a suitable DR software:

  • An all-encompassing solution
  • Flexible recovery options
  • Quick and agile recovery
  • Affordability

Vembu offers below recovery options for your business needs

  • Instant Recovery
  • Permanent Recovery
  • File/Folder level Recovery
  • Bare-metal Recovery
  • Offsite and Cloud Disaster Recovery

Attend to the Webinar so you can learn more about Vembu BDR capabilities as a backup and disaster recovery option for your business needs.

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