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Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe VMware Fusion macOS Mojave Error

This is just a quick tip for my fellow VMware Fusion users, I ran out to this issue while I was freshly running my VMware Fusion pro 11 on my MacBook Pro, macOS Mojave system. This was due to the enhanced security measures taken by apple and I had to do some changes in order start my Virtual Machines.

The below appeared on my screen while I was trying to power up the Virtual Machine.

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe Error

After that Failed to initialize monitor device message appeared

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe second message

To allow the security restrictions for VMware Fusion application just go to your system preferences by clicking the apple icon at the top of the menu bar

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe go to system preferences

Just “Allow” the application to load, if it is blocked under “General” tab

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe allow application

Allow the application to control the computer under “Privacy” tab, to make changes just click on the “Padlock” 🔒 at the bottom

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe set privacy

Now all done, just power up the Virtual Machine

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe VM started

I hope this post will help someone who is having the same issues with VMware Fusion and macOS, Mojave.

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