Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe VMware Fusion macOS Mojave Error

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe VMware Fusion macOS Mojave Error

This is just a quick tip for my fellow VMware Fusion users, I ran out to this issue while I was freshly running my VMware Fusion pro 11 on my MacBook Pro, macOS Mojave system. This was due to the enhanced security measures taken by apple and I had to do some changes in order start my Virtual Machines.

The below appeared on my screen while I was trying to power up the Virtual Machine.

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe Error

After that Failed to initialize monitor device message appeared

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe second message

To allow the security restrictions for VMware Fusion application just go to your system preferences by clicking the apple icon at the top of the menu bar

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe go to system preferences

Just “Allow” the application to load, if it is blocked under “General” tab

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe allow application

Allow the application to control the computer under “Privacy” tab, to make changes just click on the “Padlock” 🔒 at the bottom

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe set privacy

Now all done, just power up the Virtual Machine

Could Not Open /dev/vmmon: Broken Pipe VM started

I hope this post will help someone who is having the same issues with VMware Fusion and macOS, Mojave.

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19 responses

  1. Nalina Ravibiruthoji Avatar
    Nalina Ravibiruthoji

    I followed the above steps and do get the additional error “Transport (VMDB) error -14: Pipe connection has been broken”

    1. Aruna Lakmal Avatar

      Hi Nalina

      Are you still seen the same problem?

      1. marcotini Avatar

        I have the same error -14 Pipe connection has been broken.

        1. Aruna Lakmal Avatar

          Hi Marcotini

          Was it fixed?

          1. Yandis Avatar

            mines isn’t fixed either. I even tried to reboot my computer still unsuccessful

          2. Aruna Lakmal Avatar

            Not sure something has changed in the mean time.

  2. Oxana Avatar

    It’s important to restart the laptop after changing security settings

    1. Aruna Lakmal Avatar

      Thanks Oxana adding the recommendations and missing parts! 🙂

  3. Julia Avatar

    Thank you SO MUCH for this! You just saved me hours of work (I’d have set the machines up from scratch after moving to a new Mac). Clear instructions, easy to follow – brilliant! Feels like this is exactly what the internet is for <3

    1. Aruna Lakmal Avatar

      Hey Thank you very much for the comment! Glad it helped you to fix it.

  4. Paulina Avatar

    Thank you so much for the advice. It finally opened up.

  5. Chuck de Young Avatar
    Chuck de Young

    I was so frustrated installing Fusion on Catalina 10.16.6. Your very lucid, and screenshot filled article cleared it up. Thanks so much.

  6. Zhibi Avatar

    Hi Aruna, I have the company MAC and I even don’t have the information in the “General” tab to allow the VMware to load. Any suggestions?

    1. Aruna Lakmal Avatar

      I think those features probably blocked by your sysadmin 🙁

  7. Brian Avatar

    There is nothing related to Security & Privacy, worked before I had to replace my SSD. Removed all prior installation, downloaded new file from WMware site, even though it is still getting the same errors.
    From the S&P
    Allow apps downloaded from : App Stores and identified developers ” no restrictions”
    Failed to initialize monitor device.
    Please make sure that the kernel module `vmmon’ is loaded.
    Could not open /dev/vmmon: Broken pipe.
    Transport (VMDB) error -14: Pipe connection has been broken

    kextstat | grep vm
    190 0 0xffffff7f83b90000 0x15000 0x15000 com.vmware.kext.vmnet (1626.94.56) 85FAC234-2562-37E0-9F67-C38DDE96E647
    191 0 0xffffff7f83ba5000 0x13000 0x13000 com.vmware.kext.vmx86 (1626.94.56) 7231262F-A10E-3056-9CA1-C9F6712CC1EE

  8. brice Avatar

    Hi, sorry but I have this problem and Hi, Sorry but I have this problem, it’s been a long time since VMware Fusion 11.5 was included in Privacy.
    I put the application in the recycle garbage can, empty it, restart and reinstall this 11.5.7 application. No better.
    I even reinstalled Fusion after a successful boot.
    I still have this problem.
    Sincerely, Brice
    PS The color of the characters is too light, it’s very tiring to read.

  9. Alan Glendinning Avatar
    Alan Glendinning

    I am one of the folks that did not get the message about VMware software being blocked to show up in Preferences so I never had the chance to click on the Allow button.

    In the VMware forums I found a solution ( that worked for me (running 10.14.6 and V11.5.7 of Fusion):
    First, use Terminal to confirm via “ls -lO” that the attribute setting for /private/var/db/KernelExtensionManagement is NOT set to “restricted”.
    If it is not, uninstall VMware Fusion manually (instructions available here:

    If it is already set to “restricted” then the rest of this fix does not apply.
    Reboot into Recovery mode and launch Terminal (in Utilities menu).
    If you use FileVault, unlock/mount Macintosh HD with:
    diskutil apfs unlock “Macintosh HD”
    Now that the disk is mounted, set the needed attribute with:
    chflags restricted /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/private/var/db/KernelExtensionManagement
    Restart machine.
    Install VMware Fusion.
    After install, confirm in Preferences that VMware has Full Disk Access and is listed in Accessibility.
    Launch your VM(s). You will probably have to scan your system for your existing VMs due to having uninstalled Fusion. Hopefully, they will now work, as mine did.

  10. Greg Gauthier Avatar
    Greg Gauthier

    This no longer works (13 January 2021)

    1. Aruna Lakmal Avatar

      Really, Thanks for the update!

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