Protect Your Cloud Infrastructure With NAKIVO Backup And Replication

Protect Your Cloud Infrastructure With NAKIVO Backup And Replication

Protecting the cloud environment is quite crucial when your critical workload has moved to the cloud. You cannot forget a proper backup strategy for your valuable data just because your workload is running on the cloud. That’s where the importance of a world class backup solution comes into play. NAKIVO, the leading backup solutions provider can help you to protect your cloud environment in any disaster with the variety of solutions it provides for your workload. NAKIVO Backup and Replication provides backup solutions for your EC2 infrastructure, Microsoft office 365 and also storing your on-prem backup to the cloud storage such as Amazon S3 object storage and Wasabi cloud storage.

I hope it is not necessary to mention other NAKIVO’s entire solutions stack such as VMware Backups, Windows Hyper-v, Linux and workstation backups as I have covered them in few of my other articles. Today more companies are more towards the cloud platforms as well as other services offerings such as Software as a service based on cloud platforms. It eventually brings benefits to the businesses but protecting your invaluable data is still not covered with this.

NAKIVO’s Backup for Microsoft Office 365 solution ensures the recoverability of your invaluable data all times. As an O365 administrator you can protect your Exchange Online mailboxes and OneDrive for Business user accounts to the same or different location in a minute. Fast and small footprint of your mailbox and OneDrive backups will perform incremental backups where you can achieve near instant recovery. Also, you can have upto 4000 recovery points which can be rotated on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis to preserve your data as long as you need to access them.

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In order to protect your cloud infrastructure, setting up NAKIVO Backup and Replication is quite easy. You need to have an Access Key and Secret Access Key to get this started. Also, it comes with pre backed AMI in the Amazon Marketplace to create your backup infrastructure in minutes. Even a manual installation of the solution would work. I personally, tried a linux installation on an Amazon Linux t2.medium instance and it took only a few minutes to set up the full solution on a single instance. What I had to do is, just download the installation set the execution permission and run it, input parameters were requested at the middle of the installation.

As soon as the instance was up and running, the web console asked me to input the instance id, and created a user account with the access details.

AWS account was added with the generated access keys easily and regions could be selected with all or a selected region.

Protect Cloud Infrastructure With NAKIVO EC2s

AWS account should be selected, in order to start the initial configuration, I hope you can see the supported backup options here in the console. Don’t worry about the keys, they are no longer available.

Protect Cloud Infrastructure With NAKIVO keys

In the next section of the initial configuration, EC2 instance could be created and I created a simple t2.micro instance as the EC2 backup transporter.

Protect Cloud Infrastructure With NAKIVO transporter

If you need to have a keypair for the instance you can download it by accessing the console.

Protect Cloud Infrastructure With NAKIVO keys

It deployed and instance with the EC2-Transporter Name tag as below.

Protect Cloud Infrastructure With NAKIVO instance

Configuration also allowed me to use an automatic configuration in the VPC and the network layer configuration, but personally, I’d love to see them in control with my configuration. So I selected created resources in my VPC.

Protect Cloud Infrastructure With NAKIVO VPC

As I explained earlier, NAKIVO Backup and Replication allows you to store your backup file on cloud storage such as Amazon S3 and Wasabi. If you need to see the Wasabi cloud storage configuration you can follow up on my previous article.

Here, I selected “Amazon S3” as the repository for my backup as I tried Wasabi storage already. I selected the previously created Bucket as the destination of my backup repository.

Protect Cloud Infrastructure With NAKIVO S3

Running backup has no difference even in the cloud and same configuration options are available for your EC2 instances. 

Protect Cloud Infrastructure With NAKIVO backup job

I was able to quickly run an EC2 instance backup and it was succeeded without an issue. So, you can protect your Cloud Infrastructure with NAKIVO Backup and Replication. NAKIVO continues to evolve and we can expect many more features in the future, so stay tuned. 

If you are interested in the product just download a fully functional free trail here.

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