KubeAcademy Pro From VMware For Kubernetes Learning

KubeAcademy Pro From VMware For Kubernetes Learning

Previously, I posted an article about VMware’s Kubernetes Academy, also known as KubeAcademy which provides free learning materials for beginners. It is obvious that, with the complexity and the continuous evolvement of this amazing technology short courses are not enough to get an in-depth knowledge about the concepts in Kubernetes. Because of that, VMware has launched “KubeAcademy Pro” with lengthier courses to extend your knowledge for free.

Usually, KubeAcademy courses are 5 to 15 minutes and “Pro” courses run with 15 to 40 minutes explaining the concepts in-depths targeting of the people who got some basic understanding of the technology.

Not only that, but also KubeAcademy Pro learners can attend to product-agnostic Kubernetes training, exclusive workshops, virtual events with community leaders, instructor-led webinars, and many more events.

As we talk about two options under KubeAcademy, let’s see what are the differences between these two offerings for students.

As a starting event for KubeAcademy Pro, “Ask-Me-Anything” webinar is scheduled on 22nd October 2020. Joe Beda, Co-creator of Kubernetes and Principal Engineer at VMware will take an opportunity to answer all your questions during this session. If you are interested, you can register to this event using this link.

How Can I Access KubeAcademy Pro Content?

I suppose you already have an KubeAcademy account and it’s just a click away for you to become a “Pro” student.

Login to your account and you’ll see the “Pro” option at the top of the menu, click to upgrade your account.

Provide the details required and upgrade your account to a “Pro” account and you can access all these contents.

At the time of writing this article there are three main in-depth courses available as Pro contents.

  • Operational Considerations For Virtual Infrastructure Administrators
  • Interactive Introduction To Containers And Kubernetes
  • Networking In Kubernetes

If you don’t see the content you are looking for, drop an email to KubeAcademy@VMware.com along with your thoughts.

So, I hope this will evolve and become a great platform for anyone who is looking for a learning platform for free.

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