NAKIVO Backup And Replication With vSphere7 And Backup To Wasabi

NAKIVO Backup And Replication With vSphere7 And Backup To Wasabi

NAKIVO Backup and Replication is a leading solution provider in the industry for your mission critical data and its not just a backup solution as it comes with many more added features in every release. With the recent release of NAKIVO version 10, it has expanded its capabilities to support latest release of vSphere 7 along with the newly added Backup to Wasabi feature which can store your mission critical data backups in the Wasabi cloud storage.

Download NAKIVO Backup and Replication V10 here.

With the release of NAKIVO Backup and Replication v10 it provides below features to the customers:

  • vSphere 7 support
  • Backup to Wasabi Cloud Storage
  • Full P2V Recovery
  • Linux Workstation Backup

Let’s see how we can get started with Wasabi Cloud support feature with NAKIVO. Wasabi is an affordable cost effective cloud storage solution, with high performance. In the 30 days of trial period they provides 1TB data storage for 30 days, also you don’t need a credit card signup for the account.

Signup for Wasabi trial account:

Setting Up The Wasabi Storage

Bucket should be created in the Wasabi Cloud Storage it is quite simple.

NAKIVO Wasabi Support

Provide the bucket name and the region of the bucket.

Generate new pair of Access keys (access key and secret access key) to provide the programable access to the storage.

Copy the access keys and secret access keys to use in the NAKIVO Backup and Replication.

Adding Wasabi Account To NAKIVO Backup And Replication

Wasabi account should be added to the inventory as a new inventory item. Click on “Add New…->AWS/Wasabi account

Provide the Wasabi access details to get the access.

Once the account added successfully, it will list in the inventory as an inventory item.

After that, new repository should be created using the Wasabi Bucket.

Select the repository type as Wasabi in the next window

Set the bucket details and the backup options in the next steps

Once the connection succeeded added repository will be listed under your repositories. So the Wasabi Cloud Storage configuration is successful.

Backup Virtual Machines To Wasabi Cloud Storage

When configuring the backup job destination should be specified with the configured Wasabi repository as your backup destination. Selected Virtual Machines will be placed in the configured Wasabi bucket.

After the successful completion of the backup, the Wasabi bucket will contain all your Virtual Machine backup files as below

When recovering a Virtual Machine from the Wasabi Cloud Storage, job need to specified with the Wasabi repository pointer as below.

Wrap Up

The integration of a cloud storage with the NAKIVO Backup and Replication was a newly introduced feature, which improves a significant value of your backup. Wasabi is an affordable solution for a cloud storage for a requirement like this and so it will bring you a cost effective offsite recovery option for your data.

Also the configuration was quite simple and easy to manage. Anyone who has a basic understanding of the configuration can handle the backup operation and it saves more time compared to the other complex backup solutions. Since, you have access to the offsite backup location and the onsite backup environment it reduces the operational overhead when managing the backup operation.

Read More about the previous releases of Nakivo Backup and Replication here.

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