Upcoming MongoDB Atlas Connection Strings And Storage Auto Scaling Changes

Upcoming MongoDB Atlas Connection Strings And Storage Auto Scaling Changes

MongoDB Atlas has announced the changes which are coming in early March to its customers. Starting in early March MongoDB Atlas connection strings will be updated, but if you have any running clusters and applications, existing connections are continuing to work without any issues. MongoDB Atlas team is not anticipating any breaking changes to the running workloads.

Here is one of the examples for this planned change


In this URI the dash “-” before “abc123” has replaced with a dot “.”, and this allows to use a custom DNS provider with MongoDB Atlas. So basically, it has two connection stings similar to this.

MongoDB Atlas connection strings

For more information about the MongoDB Atlas connection strings changes follow the official documentation.

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Storage Auto Scaling Changes

One of the other important update is, Atlas have updated the autoscaling behavior to provide a greater support to the running workloads. Cluster which are configured with storage autoscaling, now vertically scaling to the next cluster tier, when approaching to the maximum storage capacity in order to avoid the down time and the impact to the cluster.

For example cluster which are configured with M30 will be upgraded to M40 with the this change, if your cluster reach to the capacity. For more information can be found here.

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