Introducing VMware vSphere 7 With Native Kubernetes Support On The Hypervisor

Introducing VMware vSphere 7 With Native Kubernetes Support On The Hypervisor

This is a most awaited moment and, it’s glad to introduce the new VMware vSphere release, vSphere 7 along with Native Kubernetes support and many other features. This is more towards the cloud operational model aligning simple lifecycle management, security performance and scalability. With the support of the native Kubernetes platform VMware customers can run containers and Virtual Machine on the same platform.

Let’s check out the latest exciting capabilities of vSphere 7

Simplified Lifecycle Management For Software And Hardware Platforms

vSphere 7 introduces the next generation of vSphere Lifecycle Manager and Update Planner, which allows to maintain the desired statue of the infrastructure. vCenter server profiles allow to provide the desired state of the vCenter configuration.

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Improved Security

vSphere 7 allows to manage the security of the infrastructure in a policy driven model with the introduction of the remote attestation for sensitive workloads with vSphere Trust Authority. Not only that, but also vSphere 7 allows external identity federation to the vCenter server. Also, Intel Software Guard Extensions allow SGX extensions to the user applications.

Native Kubernetes, Container And Virtual Machine Support As A Single Platform

Another key introduction of this release is the native Kubernetes and Virtual Machine platform support in a single platform. Customers do not have to maintain separate environments for containerized applications and for Virtual Machines. As VMware administrators with the minimal effort and training, new support models can be implemented for their customers.

Improved Performance To A Granular Level

Instead of cluster level balancing, more focus is given to the Virtual Machines by maintaining VM DRS Score for the hosts and it keeps eye on the Virtual Machine placement and keep Virtual Machines happy in their state. vSphere persistence memory provides applications to access ultra fast storage access to the applications. Precision Time Protocols also known as PTP is used for time-critical applications.

DevOps Model With Kubernetes Applications

Customers who do not look for the Kubernetes compliance for their applications can now run the containerized applications using the vSphere POD Service with improved performance and security. VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service has more focus on the containerized applications. 

Also, this introduces the “Application Focused Management” for containerized applications, with the granular level of policy and limit configurations.

For more information: VMware Official Blog Post.

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