VMware’s Per CPU Licensing Model Changes Will Be Coming In April, 2020

VMware’s Per CPU Licensing Model Changes Will Be Coming In April, 2020

VMware has announced its per CPU based licensing model changes, which are going to be effective on April 2, 2020. VMware stated that, this is to align their product offerings to industry standard licensing model and, upcoming forecasted changes in the Hardware market. VMware also expects that, this change will put their customers in a place, where they can compare software licensing and pricing between VMware and other vendors.

What Are The New CPU Licensing Model Changes?

While VMware still uses the per CPU licensing model, it needs a single license for up to 32 physical cores, which means a single license will cover up to 32 physical cores. If you have a hardware which is more than 32 CPU cores you need to have another license. VMware has provided the simplified, updated diagram for these changes.

New CPU Licensing Model explained

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A VMware customer who purchased a VMware software per CPU licenses based on a hardware more than 32 CPU cores prior to 30th April 2020, will be eligible to have free additional licenses. If your a customer like this, it is advisable to talk to a VMware Partner Reseller or VMware sales representative for additional information. However, these these purchases must be completed prior to 11:59 pm PST U.S. April 30, 2020.

These free license requests must be submitted before 11:59PM PST US April 30, 2020 along with a valid proof of completed hardware purchase, which completed prior to the 30th of April. Also, you need to have a valid VMware support contract for this and, customers will charge for the Service and support.

Visit VMware official website for more information.

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