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VMware Hands On Labs (HOL) And Tanzu Mission Control

VMware Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) is a service offering which you can manage Kubernetes and operate modern, containerized applications across multiple clouds and clusters. Many people had a question about the way we can try out and, engaging with Tanzu and, there is no place like VMware Hands on Labs. There are many Hands on labs available and, it is definitely worthwhile to try them out, if you are interested in those products.

At the time of writing this article there are two main VMware Tanzu Mission Control labs, HOL-2032-01-CNA – VMware Tanzu Mission Control and HOL-2032-91-CNA – VMware Tanzu Mission Control Simulation.

The HOL-2032-01-CNA lab is an interactive lab, where you can use the provided desktop access and, engage in a live Tanzu environment. The lab guidance will be provided and, you need to login with your student credentials to the desktop.

Cluster should be created from the scratch with the VMware Cloud Services.

You might need to wait in this session as the cluster is provisioning at the time of you created in the cloud console.

One thing I noted, was it takes time to be a healthy cluster, it’s obvious that these are test clusters and compute power is not up to the production level.

Since, each and every lab is entitled for 1 hour and 30 minutes time, this can be challenging and you might not be able to complete on time while you are reading and following the lab guidance. But don’t worry you can extend your lab time up to 2 hours, which means you can borrow additional 30 minutes for this. Also, I’d like you to advice, go through the lab document and read the background of the services before you start the lab then, you have enough time to play around with the configuration. These documents are available as the lab catalogues. For HOL-2032-01-CNA lab document can be fount here.

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HOL-2032-91-CNA – VMware Tanzu Mission Control Simulation is a different kind of lab and, I personally love to engage with this as this is a simulation and, can work with a much faster and reliable way. It will guide you to perform the tasks with highlighted boxes and you just need to click and follow the process. But it’s not that simple, you need to use your keyboard inputs which gives you a similar feeling to an actual machine.

Lab document can be found here for the lab. Again, I encourage you to take these free labs and, get your hands dirty with VMware Tanzu Mission Control.

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