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VMware Developer Center Code Capture With vCenter Server

This VMware vCenter Developer Center Code Capture is a useful feature for the developers or anyone who needs to have some scripting or automation piece of work with VMware vSphere. With the release of vSphere 6.7 U2 VMware Code Capture feature was introduced to the customers. Previously, I remember similar VMware Fling called Onyx was there to capture the code of an action. But Code Capture is now integrated to the vCenter Server itself.

Let’s see how we can capture the underline code for a particular action with Developer Center Code Capture Feature.

Just select the Menu and Click on “Developer Center” option

Developer Center Code Capture select option

Under “Developer Center” select the “Code Capture” tab, you can see there is a small button to enable this feature. By default it is in the disabled state.

Developer Center Code Capture  enable

A recording button will appear in the top menu and, also “Start Recording” button will appear after that. This code can be generated as a PowerCLI script.

Developer Center Code Capture  start recording

It will start the code capturing and you can see the progress in the text box in the window

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Developer Center Code Capture  progress

To stop the Code Capture simply click on the “Stop Recording” button

Developer Center Code Capture  stop recording

Once it stopped the Code Capturing, you can Copy, Download or Clear and Start another session.

Developer Center Code Capture  download the code

This generated piece of code can be opened in code editors for the modifications

Developer Center Code Capture  code

Code capturing can be disabled easily with the toggle button and, confirmation should be provided. Pop-up message can be disabled with the “Do not show again” option.

Developer Center Code Capture  disable

API Explorer In The Developer Center

One other important thing is “API Explorer“, which is available in the Developer Center for the application integration. API options can be selected with the given dropdown menus.

Developer Center Code Capture  API

Basic overview of the Developer Center is also available, but the fancy icons and the introduction description is not available like other “Getting Started” tabs in the vCenter.

Developer Center Code Capture  over view

For more information follow the VMware Official Documentation.

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