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NAKIVO Backup And Replication v9.1 Officially Released!

We have introduced NAKIVO Backup and Replication v9.1 Beta in our previous post and, it is time for us to introduce the Official release of the Backup and Replication v9.1 production release. It ships with few features with this release including native backup to tape, Linux Server backup, and Windows Workstation Backup along with backup and replica instant verification.

Download Free NAKIVO Backup and Replication v9.1

NAKIVO’s Native Backup To Tape Support

With the release of version 9.1 NAKIVO’s Backup to tape has bring this product to a whole new level. This is a well secured long-term archiving solution for your data, which protects your valuable data from cyber attacks and criminals. New release supports to direct write to the tapes, tape cartridges and virtual tape libraries. LTO3 generation tape libraries are supported and single point of monitoring and the control reducing the complexity of the data protection effort of using the software.

Linux Server Backup Support

This feature allows you to backup the Physical Linux server to be backed up using the same backup software. If you have a mixed environments with Windows and Linux servers, this is the backup for you as it recently introduced the Windows Server backups.

The key note functionality is, Linux server backup can run in an application aware mode, where you can maintain the application consistency through out your backup operation. Also, it supports NAKIVO’s proprietary change block tracking mechanism, and you can speed up the long distance backup jobs with network acceleration. Also, it reduces the backup footprints with the higher level of change block tracking.

Windows Workstation Backup

Yes, you heard it correct. NAKIVO now can protect your Windows 10 workstations with incremental backup jobs. The workstation backups are also important in a mission critical environment, it allows you to have a Windows 10 based workstations in a VHDX or VMDK formats to over come from a disaster and compliance purposes.

Instant Verification Of Backup Jobs

NAKIVO’s Backup and Replication now updated with the instant verification and you can ensure the recovery of the taken backups. Basically, it comes with two options, either screenshot verification or boot verification. I have demonstrated the functionality with the beta releases and, it is obvious that the latest update comes more stability and functionality of the feature.

The important fact is you need to install the hypervisor tools such as VMware tools or Hyper-V tools to run these verifications. Take a look on the NAKIVO Backup And Replication v9.1.

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