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How To Perform A Failover Test In MongoDB Atlas Cluster

MongoDB Atlas is the cloud based platform which, provides a greater DBaaS for your application. If you are not familiar with MongoDB Atlas please follow our previous article about building a MongoDB Atlas Cluster in minutes. In this article let’s see how we can perform a failover test In MongoDB Atlas cluster.

MongoDB Atlas interface is pretty much user-friendly and, easy to navigate for any with access to the cluster. In order to perform a failover test find the “Test Failover” option in the dropdown menu

Failover Test In MongoDB Atlas Select the option

It will open you up a nice window and give you some information about the task which you are going to perform. Just click on “Restart Primary” to begin the test

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Failover Test In MongoDB Atlas restart the primary

Then the primary node will be restarted

Failover Test In MongoDB Atlas wait for sometime

Small message will be displayed to give the information about the on going operation and, make a note of the “Primary” node

Failover Test In MongoDB Atlas note the primary node

After few minutes Primary node will be moved to one of the previous secondary node

Failover Test In MongoDB Atlas verify the failover

So now you have successfully performed the failover test in MongoDB Atlas cluster.

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