VMware Cloud On AWS Outposts Announced!

VMware Cloud On AWS Outposts Announced!

VMware has announced the VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts at the AWS re:Invent 2019 with many benefits to the on-premises datacenter. This is a fully VMware-managed service offering powered by the VMware Cloud Foundation. This service offering is integrated with VMware flagship products such as VMware vSphere, NSX, vSAN and backed by vCenter management.

VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts will run on the next generation, dedicated, elastic, Amazon EC2 bare-metal infrastructure, which delivered to your on-premises datacenter along with access to local and regional AWS services.

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Capabilities of VMware Cloud On AWS Outposts

This service offering will allow:

  • Secure applications in a cloud environment, which integrate with on-prem vSphere environments.
  • AWS Nitro-based EC2 Instances adapting native vSphere functionalities such as vSphere HA, DRS, vMotion and auto remediation.
  • Optimized and maximum storage utilization with the combination of vSAN and AWS Physical storage.
  • Without modifying the applications which were running in the on-prem datacenter, run on the cloud with the same tools and the skillsets.
  • Support for ISV partner solutions across a range of categories.
  • Automated VMware SDDC patches and upgrades along with AWS hardware monitoring.
  • VMware Support for the solution and supplementary AWS support for the hardware.

This solution can be used for many use cases such as Local cloud features for the on-prem applications, Data center modernization Flexible capacity.

The Beta Program

Customers who are located in US region, can sign up for the beta program. Use this link to getting started with the program. Once you signed up, VMware will contact you for more information. Once you started this VMware will let you try the pre-release software on AWS Outposts infrastructure, and will collect your feedback.

If you have questions about VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts please refer the FAQ section.

For more information about this Outposts infrastructure follow this community article.

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