NAKIVO Backup And Replication 9.1 Beta With Linux Server Backup, Backup To Tape Support

NAKIVO Backup And Replication 9.1 Beta With Linux Server Backup, Backup To Tape Support

Nakivo Backup and Replication 9.1 beta recently released, and it has new added capabilities to the software. Mainly, it supports to the Physical Linux Server support and Backup to Tape support with this release. This release also has added instant verification of the backup to ensure the recoverability of the completed backup job.

Native Backup To Tape Support

This release supports to transfer your data backups to tape for long term storage to secure the critical data backups. In many use cases, tape backups are still widely used, and this might be a good news for the companies who are relay on the tape backups.

Nakivo supports the WORM tape cartridges and LTO tape libraries as well as standalone tape drives.

Backup to Tape has below features:

  • Full and incremental backup copy to Tapes
  • Backup Cartridge support and management
  • Control multiple tape libraries from a single pane of glass with simplified data protection management

Download Nakivo Backup and Replication 9.1 Beta Now

Physical Linux Server Support

In previous releases Nakivo added Windows Server backups, and it supports the Physical Linux Server backups by extending its capabilities to a new level. Linux Server backups uses the application aware scripts to maintain its data consistency, and also maintains proprietary change tracking technology.

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Backup Instant Verification

This is a really cool feature to ensure your backup has a higher level of recoverability in a disaster. You can verify the backup with boot screenshot or boot verification.

The Screenshot verification can test-recover the Virtual Machine right after the job completion, and send you the email report.

You can set the VM verification when you configure the backup job

Settings can be configured with the target container, datastore and few other parameters.

Boot screenshot will be displayed after completion of the backup job

This was the screenshot I got for my Ubuntu Virtual Machine backup job.

Also, Nakivo added the support for vSphere 6.7 U3, Windows 10 Pro and QNAP QTS 4.4.

Download Nakivo Backup and Replication 9.1 beta now and experience the award-winning data protection for your infrastructure.

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