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Unable To Run Terraform After macOS Catalina Update

Apple has released its latest update, which is macOS Catalina version 10.15, and it comes with enhanced security features to protect the user data. Because of these added security features some application faced access issues, and Terraform is one of the affected application when run on the macOS. I have updated my MacBook and started to run my terraform project, it did not started as I expected. It was unable to run Terraform After the macOS Catalina update and I thought to share this with my followers to overcome with such similar situations.

When I was running “terraform plan” it gave me the below error

“terraform” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.”
macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware.

Terraform After macOS Catalina Update error

This is mainly because, Terraform distributions signed with a HashiCorp key signatures distributed out of band on releases.hashicorm.com, but macOS Catalina specifically needed the developer participation in Apple’s developer program. Terraform is not built to support to that yet, we expect to see that will be coming in near future.

As a work around to this problem, I just followed the below steps and fixed my problem

1Locate the terraform executable file

Terraform After macOS Catalina Update location

I located the terraform executable file with “which terraform” command

2Open the “Finder”

Terraform After macOS Catalina Update go to location

Just open your “Finder” and navigate to “Go to Folder

3Open the Folder Location

Terraform After macOS Catalina Update open folder

Just opened the location pasting the copied path from the terminal

4Run “Terraform” File

Terraform After macOS Catalina Update open in terminal

Just right-clicked on the terraform file, navigated to “Open With” -> Terminal (default)” it asked me to manually open the file giving the below error message

macOS cannot verify the developer of “terraform”. Are you sure you want to open it?

Terraform After macOS Catalina Update manual open

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I opened the application manually, clicking on “Open“. It opened a terminal session with terraform commands

Terraform After macOS Catalina Update terraform commands

Then, my previous terminal automatically started to run the terraform, which was a good sign and what I was expecting to start all of my work.

Terraform After macOS Catalina Update old terminal

I hope this post will help all of my readers out there having similar issues after the macOS Catalina update. If you need to see what’s new in Apple macOS Catalina update follow this link.

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