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Project Velero, Octant And Sonobuoy Will Be Moving To A New GitHub Organization VMware Tanzu

There was an exiting announcement of moving three main open source projects to a new GitHub Organization as “VMware Tanzu“. Project Velero, Octant and Sonobuoy will be moving to this new organization, and other key cloud native projects will be moved over time.

GitHub Organization VMware Tanzu moving projects

VMware Cloud native team hardly working on moving these projects as there is a great deal of effort in this. Initial plan is to move the TGI Kubernetes (TGIK) and most relevant projects to this new organization, and some of them will be archived as per the requirement.

This effort will be bringing down the Heptio GitHub Orgs and new projects will be coming in near future under the umbrella of VMware Tanzu.

The new VMware Tanzu GitHub Organization can be found here.

GitHub Organization VMware Tanzu Page

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