VMware Skyline New Email Preference Selections And Standalone ESXi Host Support For Analysis

VMware Skyline New Email Preference Selections And Standalone ESXi Host Support For Analysis

I hope you already aware that VMware has its own proactive analysis option for enhanced and streamlined support for its customers called VMware Skyline. VMware Skyline has recently added few value additions with the release of its 2.2 version, and I thought to bring it up for my followers. Skyline Advisor added new email preference selections, and standalone ESXi hosts to its analysis. Previously, standalone ESXi hosts weren’t detected by Skyline. Still, if you’re not sure about What’ VMware Skyline is please refer my previous article.

You can login to the VMware Skyline Advisor with your VMware Cloud credentials.

VMware Skyline New Email Preference login

It can give you a single pane of interface to all of your VMware environments connecting through the VMware Skyline Collectors. It has myriad of wonderful features such as VMware Log Assist. OSR Library, etc.

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Let’s see what are these added features at this point.

VMware Skyline Advisor Email Preference Settings

In previous releases VMware Skyline Advisor was sending emails, whenever there is a new OSR report and now it has a diverse range of selections, and more granular control of email notifications.

VMware Skyline New Email Preference Email settings

These events can be notified with email alerts:

  • New OSR Report availability for download (Premier Support customers only)
  • Log Assist Support Request by the VMware TSE
  • Availability of new functionalities in VMware Skyline Advisor
  • New Critical findings in your environments
  • Skyline Collector “root” user account password expiration notifications

Simply Goto “Settings” and Customize these features as per your requirement.

Standalone ESXi Support For Proactive Analysis

In previous, releases VMware didn’t support standalone ESXis for its proactive analysis, and now it is supported. So you don’t have to worry about the Standalone ESXi hosts in your inventory.

Standalone ESXi Hosts Findings will list under the “Findings” section

VMware Skyline New Email Preference findings

Also, standalone ESXi hosts are listed in “Hosts and Clusters” inventory view and inventory tree listed in Log Assist

VMware Skyline New Email Preference standalone hosts

We expect to see continuous updates from VMware Skyline, and greater experience and proactive support for its customers.

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