VMware Kubernetes Academy – A Free Education Platform

VMware Kubernetes Academy – A Free Education Platform

VMware has recently introduced VMware Kubernetes Academy, which is a free educational platform for those who are eager to learn cloud native Kubernetes. VMware was inspired by Kahn Academy and planing build an education platform with a rich content. This is the first step towards this great effort.

VMware Kubernetes Academy

How To Sign Up With Kubernetes Academy

Signing Up with Kubernetes Academy is an easy task. You can click on the SignUp link and provide the basic details to start your profile.

VMware Kubernetes Academy sign up

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Courses And The Content

Once you have signed up with the Academy account, you have a set of courses varying from “Beginner“, “BeginnerIntermediate” to “Intermediate” levels, according to your experience and understanding of the topics. These are the levels defined at the time of writing this article, and there can be slight changes in the future.

VMware Kubernetes Academy courses

In terms of the lesson content, training videos are well defined by the topics which need to be focused on the course.

VMware Kubernetes Academy content

Instructors In Kubernetes Academy

Courses are conducted by the experts in the industry, who volunteered to contribute to teaching these courses. These subject matter experts would like to share their personal learning and working experience in these series of courses.

VMware Kubernetes Academy instructors

In addition, it has some options to involve with the Kubernetes Community, Upcoming events and webinars and TGIK YouTube series get some additional knowledge, while you are learning in the Kubernetes academy.

VMware Kubernetes Academy events
VMware Kubernetes Academy TGIK

VMware Kubernetes Academy, invites you to join with them and, if you have any suggestions make sure to leave a comment in the official blog post as, VMware is expecting your valuable thoughts to add new topics in the future.

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