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VMware Enterprise PKS 1.5 With Windows Container Support

VMware has announced that VMware Enterprise PKS 1.5 will be available in the second half of August with Kubernetes 1.14 which enables the Windows Container support. This release will be able to enhance and improve the flexibility, visibility and the security of the cloud applications.

With the release of PKS 1.5, customers can move the Windows runtime workloads without a code change, more over the applications running with .NET framework will be fully compatible to run in the Cloud. Windows support for PKS 1.5 will initially be running on beta and customer feedback will be gathered for the future improvements.

After the migration of the .NET application to PKS. .NET installation done on the container basis not per VM basis, which can be used to run the multiple versions of .NET on the same Windows Kernel.

VMware Enterprise PKS 1.5 also included the latest release of Harbor 1.8 which includes the enhanced automation integration, security, monitoring, and cross-registry replication support.

How Does VMware Enterprise PKS 1.5 Enhance The Operations

As I mentioned earlier, this version will enhance the flexibility, security and visibility of the environment.

In terms of flexibility, enabling individual cluster upgrades will give customer’s a more granular control over the PKS cluster and customers can perform additional configuration on the load balancers including third party load balancers at the time of the deployment. Also, it can support to SAML-based authentication and authorization is also supported.

NSX-T firewall rules will be used to strengthen the security specifying the section markers.

Third party monitoring services will use the Telgraf agent to collect the metrics from etcd and Master nodes, also Metric sink feature will be used by the developers in order to gain wider visibility on the namespaces.

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New Management Console

The introduced new management console will give you the more visibility on the underline resources and the Kubernetes components. Also, this management console can be used to patch and upgrade the clusters and streamline the identity management of the users.

Underline resource visibility is extended

VMware Enterprise PKS 1.5 management console

Easy and streamlined Identity management

VMware Enterprise PKS 1.5 identity management

To read more about these new features read release notes here.

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