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New Release Of PowerCLI 11.4.0 And VMware vSAN 6.7 U3 Updates

Everybody is accepting that VMware is a “Newsmaker” and always dominating the tech news headlines with their features and product updates, VMware has announced the release of PowerCLI 11.4.0 and VMware vSAN 6.7 U3 with new added modules and cloud adaption to their Software-defines storage solution vSAN.

Let’s see what are their updates and added features briefly and how those features can be benefitted to their customer applications.

New Release Of VMware PowerCLI 11.4.0

PowerCLI 11.4.0 also released to the support of VMware vSAN 6.7 U3 and few modules have been added to the functionality and updated.

VMware PowerCLI 11.4.0 ships with below modules and updates:

  • VMware Horizon View 7.9 Support
  • Storage Module New cmdlets
  • Updated Storage Module cmdlets
  • Updated VMware HCX module cmdlets

As to support the VMware vSAN 6.7 U 3 storage module added new updates to Get/Set-VsanClusterConfiguration cmdlets functionalities. Not only that, but also it has some added added cmdlets.

  • Add-VsanObjectToRepairQueue (Formerly available with”Repair-VsanObject” cmdlet)
  • Get-VsanResyncingOverview (vSAN 6.7 U3 needed)
  • Get-VsanEnterMaintenanceMode (vSAN 6.7 U3 needed)

Below VMware HCX Updates were made to this PowerCLI release

  • Get-HCXAppliance cmdlet -new information about the current version of an appliance as well as any available versions
  • New-HCXAppliance vmdlet – upgrade an appliance to one of the available versions
  • Get-HCXContainer cmdlet
  • Get-HCXNetwork cmdlet
  • New-HCXNetworkExtension cmdlet
  • Get-HCXServiceMesh

Few module updates were also made in the HCX modules in this release.

PowerCLI 11.4.0 And VMware vSAN 6.7 U3 update modules

Cloud Native Storage Capabilities With vSAN 6.7 U3 GA Release

Cloud Native Storage aka CNS was introduced in vSphere 6.7 U3 to integrate vSphere Storage and Kubernetes together, and vSAN 6.7 U3 is now support for the cloud native applications.

vSAN is well known for its Policy Based Management (PBM), which is for environment lifecycle management and operations providing a stable and efficient storage solutions as a Software-defined storage. These PBM can be configured to a very granular level of the Virtual Machine objects and these same tools and features such as vSphere client, vSAN monitoring, etc can be extended the visibility of container usage on the physical infrastructure via the CNS. This includes the features such as container volume and capacity management in the physical storage.

Storage classes are to be defined to provide the vSAN PBM Storage capabilities to the persistent storage in Kubernetes PODs.

Read More: How To Create A Persistent Volume In A Kubernetes POD

PowerCLI 11.4.0 And VMware vSAN 6.7 U3 Storage Classes
Image courtesy : VMware

CNS is available as part of vSphere 6.7 U3 release and anyone with a standard vSphere license or higher is eligible for this without any extra cost.

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