How To Use VMware License Key Tracker And Track Your License History

How To Use VMware License Key Tracker And Track Your License History

License is the official permission to use or access a product or service between two parties, it is obvious that, you need to have a proper license to use VMware products and, let’s see how we can use the VMware License Key Tracker to get more information and track the license history.

I hope you already know that, My VMware account is the one stop for all your support requirements. Login to your My VMware account with your corporate account credentials.

VMware License Key Tracker My VMware Account

Select “License Keys” in the Quick Links

VMware License Key Tracker License Keys

Select the relevant licensing folder, Select “View License Keys” in the drop down menu and, select “Filters“. Then you’ll be able to see “License Key Tracker” in the menu. Select that option, and allow it to open another tab for you.

VMware License Key Tracker access tracker

There are two tabs available, “License Key Tracker” and “License Key History“. You can paste the license key in “License Key Tracker” and search it, you’ll be able to see the validity of the license and the support status of the key.

VMware License Key Tracker view info

Once you click on the key, you can see more information about the key

VMware License Key Tracker view more info

Check License History With VMware License Key Tracker

I think it is quite crucial to know the history of the License key, if you are maintaining a very old setup and keep upgrading them into the latest versions. In the middle and after converting the keys to the latest versions you don’t know what was the previous keys and this might be really useful if you are carrying out some auditing tasks in the environment.

Just move into the “License Keys History” tab, select the appropriate account in the drop down menu. Paste the license key and “Search” the information.

VMware License Key Tracker track history

Pop-up message will show you the current status and, the previous history with the previous keys and, the dates of conversion of the keys.

VMware License Key Tracker past conversions

If the key has a very long history, you can perform the horizontal scrolling to see the previous history of the key

VMware License Key Tracker more history

Finally, I hope this is quite useful if you are performing such auditing tasks and, want to track your previous history of the License keys.

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