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VMware vSAN iSCSI Target Service Not Supported : At Least One Host Version Is Lower Than 6.5

This is one the issues occurred in one of the VMware vSAN Lab environment and, I thought it is good to share this with my readers as this could be quite useful when working with VMware vSAN iSCSI Target Service. I hope that you already know that iSCSI target service is available for you to configure your iSCSI storage configurations and I’m not gonna show the complete step-by-step guide to configure the vSAN iSCSI Target Service in this post. But, you might be really confused when your entire ESXi environment is configured with vSphere 6.7 and when you are seeing error message saying it’s not.

I was working with vSphere 6.7 environment and I saw below error message when I was about to configure my VMware vSAN iSCSI Target and feature was not available to configure.

At least one host version is lower than 6.5, upgrade the host version

vSAN iSCSI Target Service not available

As I said, it confused me as my entire cluster is with vSphere 6.7 and giving me this invalid error message. I did few troubleshooting attempts and finally I realized this was something to do with the underline services, of course, primary level of troubleshooting.

I stopped and stared the vSAN Health Check and vSphere Client Services in the command line after making a successful SSH session to my vCenter server.

vSAN iSCSI Target Service services

These are the commands to stop and start the services

#Stop VMware vSAN Health Service
service-control --stop vmware-vsan-health

#Start VMware vSAN Health Service
service-control --start vmware-vsan-health

#Stop vSphere Client
service-control --stop vsphere-client

#Start vSphere Client
service-control --start vsphere-client

After that I refreshed my vSphere Client browser window and my vSAN iSCSI Target Service was available to configure

I hope this might be really helpful for anyone who is having the same issue with VMware vSAN.

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