Runecast Analyzer ESXi Upgrade Simulation Feature

Runecast Analyzer ESXi Upgrade Simulation Feature

Runecast Team is continuously adding new features and this is one of the newly added features in order to perform a secure and error less version upgrade of a vSphere Environment, ESXi Upgrade simulation along with the VMware Automated Compatibility Check. If you’re not familiar with the Runecast Analyzer Automated HCL feature, just go through the previous post. If you are involved with complete vSphere upgrade, you might know how critical and difficult to check the compatibility of your ESXi Servers, IO devices, BIOS versions and many other relevant components.

The ESXi Upgrade Feature is a great piece of tool which helps you to easily cross check the ESXi Compatibility with the Official VMware HCL. Checking the compatibility of the ESXi servers and its attached IO devices are quite crucial and Runecast Analyzer is giving you the opportunity to verify the server compatibility with the latest releases of VMware vSphere.

Let’s see how can we check the Hardware Compatibility with the higher versions of vSphere products in this post. I have a vCenter server with connected two Dell PowerEdge R710 ESXi servers, currently installed ESXi 6.0 version. If you manually check the compatibility of the server in VMware HCL it doesn’t support with vSphere 6.5 or later releases.

ESXi Upgrade Simulation HCL Manual Check

Download the free trial version of Runecast Analyzer

Runecast Analyzer allows you to easily check the compatibility from its recently added “Hardware Compatibility” feature, listed in the Main Menu.

ESXi Upgrade Simulation HW Compatibility

In the action menu turn on the “ESXi Compatibility Simulation” option to enable upgrade simulation of the ESXi hosts

ESXi Upgrade Simulation turn on Simulation

“Choose ESXi Release” and “Simulate” options will be available after that, and you can turn off the feature if you are no longer using the feature.

ESXi Upgrade Simulation Turn On

The latest versions are available in the drop down menu

ESXi Upgrade Simulation List

Simulation can be started with the simulate button right next to the drop-down version selection

ESXi Upgrade Simulation simulate

The status of the compatibility of the server components and the “List of supported ESXi releases” will be visible in the right panel of the page

ESXi Upgrade Simulation status

Wrap Up

This is quite valuable and accurate because of the usage of the actual VMware HCL database and you can plan your future vSphere upgrades without spending more time on the vendor compatibility matrices. Runecast Analyzer is a great tool which simulates the future vSphere ESXi upgrades with this simulation feature.

I have been engaging with many vSphere upgrade projects and checking the compatibility across the vendor matrices was the highest time consuming piece of work. Runecast analyzer ESXi Upgrade simulation feature will help you to bring down the time you spend with those matrices and all you have to do is selecting the version and just click on the button.

You can download the free trial version of Runecast Analyzer and check the compatibility of the latest vSphere releases.

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