Gmail Confidential Mode Will Be Generally Available On June

Gmail Confidential Mode Will Be Generally Available On June

Google has already announced the Gmail Confidential Mode Beta in March and this feature will be Generally Available (GA) on 25th of June and this will be “Turned ON” for all domains with Gmail enabled. So if you are a G Suite customer this might be really useful for your organization.

What Is This Confidential Mode?

Sending sensitive information via an email quite a crucial option for an organization and this feature might be really useful, when sending such sensitive information across the recipients.

Email messages sending with confidential mode protects your sensitive information from unauthorized access. Also, it protects your message forwarding, copying, printing or downloading the content or attachments leaving reading is the only option for your readers.

Other important option is senders can set the expiration date for the email and revoke the email access whenever they need.

If you are an G Suite administrator it leaves you three options to be setup for your organization:

  • Disable: Prevents users to use this option for their emails
  • Enable Now (Beta): Enables the feature as a beta option and remain enabled when it enters to the General Availability (GA) on 25th of June, 2019.
  • Enable the feature is in generally availability: This is the default option and Confidential Mode will automatically be enabled on the GA 25th of June, 2019.

How To Enable Confidential Mode In G Suite?

To Enable Confidential Mode, open your Admin panel with the app launch

Gmail Confidential Mode: Admin

Click on the Apps on the Google Admin Window

Gmail Confidential Mode : Apps

Select G Suite option in the Admin Window

Gmail Confidential Mode : G Suite

Select Gmail in the Application list

Gmail Confidential Mode : Gmail

Select “User settings

Gmail Confidential Mode : User settings

Select “Confidential Mode” to change the settings

Gmail Confidential Mode : Confidential Mode

Select “Enable Now (beta)” to enable the beta option, this will remain enable after 25th of June, 2019 GA

Gmail Confidential Mode : enable beta

Now your account is ready to use the Confidential Mode, allow it sometime to activate the feature. For more information read G Suite Blog.

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