VMware Skyline V2.1 Now Available With New Features

VMware Skyline V2.1 Now Available With New Features

VMware proactive support continuous to enhance proactive support with the release of VMware Skyline V2.1 and it ships with many features requested by it’s customers including proactive support for VMware Horizon and vRealize Operations Manager, Inventory View and the ability to Mute the Findings.

Let’s see what are these added features with this release. If you need to know more about VMware Skyline Advisor just follow my previous article.

Proactive Support For Horizon (v7.0 and above) and vRealize Operations Manager (v6.6, 6.7 and 7.0)

VMware Skyline already supported to vSphere, VSAN and network virtualization NSX-v flagship products and with the release of this version proactive measures and recommendations for VMware Horizon and vRealize Operations Manager was added to stabilize your virtual environment.

Also, VMware is planning to display these recommendations in the vRealize Operations user interface with the installation of Skyline Management Pack.

Updated Inventory View

Consolidated list of vSphere, VSAN and NSX-V infrastructure is now added to the inventory and deployment identification for Dell VxRail and VMware Validated Designs also now part of this. These tagged VxRail and VVD Deployments will help to identify the variety of the deployments in your environment to the support representative.

VMware Skyline V2.1 : Inventory Filters

Consolidated Operational Summary Report (OSR) package for Premier Customers

Consilidated .zip file is available to download for Premier Services Customers and Tech Support Engineers (TSEs). This .zip file contains the Operational Summary Report along with the CSV files for every proactive findings.

VMware Skyline V2.1 : .zip file is available

Some Additional Enhancements

  • Customers and TSEs can search by object name for the easy access of the information
  • Skyline Collector Service within VMware Cloud Services can be used to remove the retired collectors
  • Ability to export the proactive findings
  • Enhanced Search and Filtering options

Upgrading the VMware Skyline Collector Appliances

You can enable the Skyline Appliance collectors to upgrade automatically to the latest version. Login to your VMware Skyline Collector Appliance and enable the “Auto-Upgrade” under “Configuration“. If there is an update for the appliance you can see it at the top of the window.

VMware Skyline V2.1: Set Auto-Upgrade

I’d recommend you to enable it in the non peak hours

VMware Skyline V2.1: Schedule update time

Update VMware Skyline Collector Manually

To update the appliance, just click on the top “VIEW RELEASE CHANGE LOG” message

VMware Skyline V2.1 : New release

Change log will appear, and click on the “UPGRADE MANUALLY” option

VMware Skyline V2.1 : Change Log

You’ll be redirecting to to the Appliance Management Interface and login to the appliance with root credentials, in any case if you didn’t see the appliance management interface just type https://<appliance_ip>:5480 in the browser.

VMware Skyline V2.1 : Login as root

Move to the “Update” tab and check for updates, if you can see a new version available proceed with the installation clicking on install updates button

VMware Skyline V2.1 : Check for update

Accept the license and allow sometime to complete the installation. You need to reboot the appliance after the installation

VMware Skyline V2.1 : reboot

After the reboot check the appliance version

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