VMware PKS 1.4 Announced With POD Security Policy And VMware NSX-T 2.4

VMware PKS 1.4 Announced With POD Security Policy And VMware NSX-T 2.4

VMware PKS 1.4 Announced bringing with new functionalities to the Cloud native containerized applications. VMware PKS is a joint service which offers by VMware along with its partner Pivotal, integrating the Kubernetes. Previous release of this PKS was VMware PKS 1.3 and this version released with upstream Kubernetes 1.13, integrates new security and automation capabilities with VMware NSX-T 2.4. VMware NSX-T 2.4 is included with the VMware Enterprise PKS licence.

POD Security Policies And Networking Features

POD Security Policy is still beta in Kubernetes 1.13 and it provides set of rules for users or groups to enable more security options and features to maintain the access controls.

VMware PKS 1.4 based on Kubernetes 1.13 and it is adding this POD Security policies for more security. Other than this, networking and security features such as per-tenant Domain Name System (DNS) specification for deeper multi-tenancy and admission customization to provide fine-grained security control features also added to this release.

Integrating with VMware Network Insight will provide a clear visibility and the application dependancies of the Kubernetes cluster.

Added Automation And DevOps Workflows

Other than the Security and Networking capabilities, some automation and deployment features such as automating cAdvisor to integrate with VMware vRealize Operations and, adding more blueprints and plans for quick deployment were also part of this.

New Beta Features

Added new installer allow users to install all the required components in an easy and efficient manner. Also, it provides real-time input validation and automated network deployment to its clusters.

Windows container support also in progress which is coming as a new feature of Kubernetes 1.14. VMware is planning to release VMware PKS 1.5 beta in later this year so we are expecting more exciting features.


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