Runecast Analyzer Automated VMware HCL Now In Public Beta

Runecast Analyzer Automated VMware HCL Now In Public Beta

I’m glad to publish this post as Runecast Analyzer Automated VMware HCL now in public beta. Recently, Runecast released the VMware HCL support beta and with this release analyzer checks the compatibility of your Server IO devices against the VMware HCL I/O Devices. I hope you can understand the importance of having compatibility IO devices and drivers in your ESXi server for a better functionality.

If you are new to this great piece of product, I encourage you to go ahead and read all of my posts to get a clear undressing about the Runecast Analyzer.

Download Runecast Analyzer v2.6 Free Trail!

If you are running a lower version other than 2.6 you might not be able to see this option. So, updating the Runecast Analyzer is the fist action.

You can see whether there is an update available for your appliance in the Update tab under settings

Automated VMware HCL : Checking updates

Basically it provides two main upgrading methods. If your appliance is running with access to the internet you can upgrade the appliance online. I have given you the steps to upgrade the appliance online in one of my previous posts so just check it out.

I’d take this opportunity to show you how we can upgrade the appliance in offline mode, if you don’t have an internet connectivity.

Update Runecast Analyzer In Offline Mode

Firstly, login to the Runecast website, and download the offline update ISO file

Automated VMware HCL : Download the offline ISO

Then, open the console and login to the Runecast Analyzer using the login credentials

Automated VMware HCL : Login to appliance

Mount the downloaded ISO file to the appliance Virtual Machine

Automated VMware HCL : Mount ISO

Go to “Updates”, select the “Offline” option and hit return on the “Check for update and install” option to start the update

Automated VMware HCL : Offline Update

Once the updates installation completed, just reboot the appliance

Automated VMware HCL : Install offline updates

After rebooting the appliance just login to the Runecast Analyzer web interface and you’ll be able to see the “HW Compatibility” option

Automated VMware HCL : New option

Runecast Analyzer I/O Devices Compatibility Check In VMware HCL

I know that you already know about the VMware HCL compatibility in my previous post and with this release it also provides the I/O devices compatibility for your ESXi Servers.

Automated VMware HCL : I/O Devices
Image Courtesy : Runecast

If you just click on the HCL button on the right upper corner you’ll be redirecting to the official VMware HCL page

Automated VMware HCL : Official VMware HCL

Not to mention that, customer feedback is quite important to the development of the product and please share your thoughts and feedback with Runecast and those inputs are completely anonymous and will be using to the development of the product.

Automated VMware HCL : Feedback

Wrap Up

Runecast Analyzer Automated VMware HCL is great approach to automating the VMware Compatibility check as it is quite important to the stability of the Virtual Environment. It completely, use the official VMware HCL information and it stabilize and secure your environment from any unexpected failures.

As customers, Runecast is requesting your valuable feedback about the product and Company collect these information only for the further development of the product and will not be sharing with anyone else.

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