Top vBlog 2018 Full Results Released, Glad To Be A Part Of Top 75

Top vBlog 2018 Full Results Released, Glad To Be A Part Of Top 75

It was a great pleasure to announce TechCrumble has voted as the Top 73rd vBlog in the Top vBlog Contest. First of all, I’d like to thank Eric Siebert of for the all the hard work and effort for carrying out such contest and Turbonomic for sponsoring the program. Full results can be found here.

It was my fist time and evaluated my 2017 content and the community contribution. Again, I’m glad to say that I’m among the Top 75 securing the 73 position, selected as 2nd favorite new blog and 6th favorite individual blogger.

#73 in Top vBlogs
#2 in Favorite New Blog
#in Favorite Independent Blogger

It was conducted under few criteria and below points have been evaluated.

Rank = 2018 rank
Previous = 2017 rank
Change = # of position change from 2017
Total Points = Voting points + Post points + Pagespeed points
Total Votes = Total number of people who voted
Voting Points = Weighted points based on ranking (#1 vote = 12 pts, #2 vote = 11 pts…..#12 vote = 1 point)
#1 Votes = # of people that ranked blog as their #1
2017 Posts = total # of posts published on blog in 2017
Post Pts = (# of 2017 posts x 2) (400 max)
PS% = Google PageSpeed score (percent)
PS Pts = Google PageSpeed score % * 200 possible points

There was a part of community votings and I’d like to thank for those who voted for my blog and the supported provided in many ways!

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