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How To Initiate A Log Transfer From VMware Skyline

I hope you already know about VMware Skyline service as I have been publishing many articles in my blog. If you haven’t heard about this just read my previous post about the first impression and the deployment in this post. VMware Skyline has a great feature called VMware Log Assist and you can use this feature to make your life more easier with the log transfers from your on-prem datacenter to VMware Cloud Services.

In this post, I thought to show you that how we can leverage this important feature to transfer the logs to VMware Skyline which is now part of the VMware Cloud Services. You can access your VMware Skyline Advisor to see all your Skyline enabled datacenters in a single web interface and it’s a single pane of management interface to all of your datacenters. To access the VMware Skyline Advisor use this url.

Initiate The Log Transfer

Navigate to “Log Assist” -> “Initiate Log Transfer” select the Host which you need to collect the logs and transfer to a SR. Click “Next” to continue

Opened SR will be listed and click on “Initiate Log Transfer” to start the process

The SR Number displayed only to the Engineer who logged the SR, other members with the same permission level could not see the SR. I’m not quite sure this is the decided behavior, as per the support engineer “It was intended in the product design”. But my thought is, SR should be visible to all the members in the Cloud Organization.

Confirm the Log Transition

You can see the transition successful message after initiating the process, but process is not yet finished

You can see the status of the process and also the previous log transfers under “Log Library”

Click on each and every job to see the job details

If there are more jobs listed you can also use the filter option to filter out certain stats jobs easily

Once you started the Logs transition and completed the process, you’ll be getting the email notifications as below

I hope this article is helpful for those who are planning to on-board the on-prem datacenters to VMware Skyline. Just give it a try.

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