How To Collect VMware Skyline Collector Support Logs

How To Collect VMware Skyline Collector Support Logs

I hope that you have already followed my VMware Skyline articles and this is one of the another VMware Skyline article to make your life more easier, let’s see how to collect VMware Skyline Collector Support Logs for the troubleshooting purposes. I’m not quite sure, whether you have already got a chance to engage with VMware Skyline team to resolve any issues with this wonderful product. But, I did it.

I had a bizarre situation with Skyline Log Assist feature, log transition didn’t work as we expected and we had to sought some help with the VMware support team as there was nothing we could do with my scope. I hope this will help anyone who has the similar requirement with collecting support logs.

Enable SSH In VMware Skyline Collector For The Root Login

If you need to connecting to the VMware Skyline Collector using SSH and copy files back to your PC, you might need to enable SSH in the Skyline Collector. Anyway, you need to open up a console and login to the shell using root credentials.

Open the “sshd_config” file using the vi editor

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Set “PermitRootLogin” to “Yes

Make a folder to store the support logs (for the easy management), I created folder under “/tmp/logcollect“, and execute the below command to generate and save the logs

tar -pczf logs.tar.gz /var/log

Command will be completed as below

Check the collected Skyline Collector Logs

Connect to the VMware Skyline Collector Appliance using WinSCP and download the logs to your PC

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Now you can uploads the logs to the logged VMware Skyline Support Request.

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