VMware PKS 1.3 Is Generally Available With Microsoft Azure Support

VMware PKS 1.3 Is Generally Available With Microsoft Azure Support

VMware has announced that the Generally Availability of VMware PKS 1.3 delivering Kubernetes 1.12 with Microsoft Azure Support and enhanced networking, security and management features.

PKS 1.3 delivers the full production operation for Enterprise Kubernetes running on Microsoft Azure and now it has the full operability of BOSH based operations on all major public cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon EC2 and VMware vSphere.

Networking And Security Enhancements

With the release of VMware PKS 1.3 there are more parameters added to perform the customization while deploying the Kubernetes cluster to provide the better flexibility and configurability of the cluster.

Tenant Isolation With Tier 0 Routers

Tenants will be connected with unique T0s with subnets. Below diagram displays the basic topology of the Tenants with T0s

VMware PKS 1.3 Is Generally Available : T0s with Unique CIDRs
Image courtesy of VMware

Network Profiles” introduced in PKS 1.2 map the CIDR blocks to T0s, then BOSH can provision the cluster in the correct Tenants. These mapped tenants can be reused in this topology.

VMware PKS 1.3 Is Generally Available : Network Profiles Map CIDRs to T0s
Image courtesy of VMware

NSX-T BGP route filtering and Distributed Firewall policy ensure the clusters in the tenants are isolated with each other.

Routable CIDRs Increase the Traceablity and the Visibility of PODs

At the creation of the Kubernetes cluster Network Profiles can be used to specify the Routable and Non-routable CIDRs of PODs and tracebility can be maintained using ingress and egress packet requests.

POD Network Optimization With Custom IP Address Range and The Sizes

With the release of VMware PKS 1.3 Global IP address block and the size can be override from a custom CIDR block. A fine practical situation would be running out of the capacity of the Global CIDR block.

Larger Load Balancers Support

VMware PKS 1.3 Support for large load balancers and it enhance the capabilities of running services, expanding the networking capabilities.

Multiple PKS Control Planes Across Single NSX-T Instance

Previously, we discussed the isolation using dedicated T0 NSX-T instance, with this release Multiple PKS instances can be deployed using single shared NSX-T instance.

Management And Operations Enhancements And Cluster Optimization

Backup And Recovery Of A Single Master Node Cluster With BBR

A greater enhancement of this release would be the capability of backup and recovery of a single master node cluster. BOSH Backup and Restore (BBR). Previously, it supported only to the control plane only.

Kubernetes Cluster Smoke Tests For Minimize The Unintended Downtime

To minimize the running applications and avoid unintended issues due to operational tasks such as upgrades, Smokes tests can be used to asses the impact of the operation prior to the actual start.

Volume Sharing Between Containers

VMware PKS 1.3 allows containers to share volumes within a POD.

Increase Security With An Authenticated HTTP Proxy

VMware PKS 1.3 allows you to deploy the IaaS Control plane behind an authenticated HTTP proxy to increase the security of the environment

Scale-Down PKS Cluster To Optimize Resources

PKS already supported to the Scale-out of the Cluster resources by adding more worker nodes to the cluster, with this release it also supports Cluster Scale-Down for more optimization of the resource utilization which means it allows safely remove of the worker nodes allocating the running workload to the other worker nodes.

Harbor 1.7.1 Included More Advanced Features

PKS 1.3 included the Harbor 1.7.1 with features such as Helm charts, management, improved LDAP support, Image replication, and database replication. Not only that it brings more advanced features such as image build with UI, image rw-tagging, and online garbage collection. More information about Harbor 1.7.1 can be found here.

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