Upcoming G Suite Google+ Changes

Upcoming G Suite Google+ Changes

Consumer version of Google Plus is shutting down on April 2019 and respect to that G Suite customers will see the changes on 4th of February 2019.

The main intention behind these changes is to improve the Google Plus services and more focusing on the Enterprise features. The process of deleting consumer Google + content deletion will take sometime and those content will remain until the complete deletion.

What Changes Are Going To Take Effect in Google +

  • Communities out side the Organization without at least one owner will be deleted and users will not be able to create communities out side the organization
  • Options such as Google + pages, events and taglines will be deleted for G suite and consumer users
  • All the content will be deleted after the cancellation of G Suite
  • Consumer users will be removed from Circles and communities

What Actions Should Be Taken As a G Suite Administrator With Regard To These Changes

  • Google + Android App should be updated before 7th of March.
  • If you would like to keep the consumer contributions out side the organization, download and save them. Download of Author, body and Photos will be available from early March 2019. However, these backing up processes should be completed before April 2019.
  • Backing up the profile data if you need to keep them.
  • Google + embeds of new sites will continue to work and Google + Classic gadgets will no longer be working
  • Recommend to leave users from Google Play Services Public Beta Programs

For more information visit Admin Help Center Article, Google Cloud blog.

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