G Suite Upcoming Features And Pricing Changes

G Suite Upcoming Features And Pricing Changes

I think it’s official and you might already heard of this news in social media and I thought to write this article as a G Suite user and to share some information with my readers.

It has been announced back in 2007 Hangouts Chat and Hangout Meet are the next gen Apps for the communication. As per the first step few upcoming changes are about to go live on 16th of April 2019.

Changes Taking Place On April 16, 2019

While you are using Classic Hangouts, Hangouts classic will replace with Meet and Chats. G suite administrators will be facing some changes as below:

  • Google Vault, mail retention will stop protecting messages and Chat retention will be taking care of the work in Classic Hangouts and Chat
  • Classic Hangouts and Chat admin settings will be available
  • New Settings to control the Classic Hangouts in G Suite Apps
  • “Google Hangouts” will be renamed as “Hangouts Meet”

What Actions Should Be Taken Before 16 April, 2019

  • Review retention rules in Google Vault
  • Duplicate exiting mail holds for Chat in Google Vault
  • Create new holds on chat messages from Chat in Google Vault
  • Remove indefinite retention rule which can be overriding the rules

Pricing Changes To G Suite Basic And Business Editions

Though, it is a bad news for us it is happening on 2nd of April, 2019. The price for G Suite Basic Edition will increase from $5 USD to $6 USD per user per month, and G Suite Business Edition will increase its price from $10 to $12 USD per user per month.

If it is a Flexible Plan, the new list of price will go in to effect on 2nd of April, 2019 and if it is an Annual Plan it will go effect on next renewal on or after 2nd of April, 2019.

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