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VMware vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check

VMware vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check is in place to identify any configuration issues or errors in the networking layer. There are common instances where it is really difficult to identify and lead your life in to a bizarre situation. That’s where vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check is really useful and reduce the troubleshooting time of the engineers.

Mainly, common identified errors are :

  • Mismatched VLAN Trunks with the physical switches
  • Mismatched MTUs Settings
  • Mismatched Virtual Switch Teaming Policies

Default configuration check interval is one minute and at the regular intervals it sends the layer 2 ethernet probing and received across the physical switches. According to the received packets, it calculates the packet drops in the network and shows in the Health Check status.

Requirements For The VMware vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check

Before enable the vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check following requirements must be met:

  • For VLAN and MTU check – at least two physical uplinks must be in place and should be connected to the Distributed Switch
  • For Teaming Policy Check – at least two active uplinks must be in a team and at least two ESXi hosts should be in place and connected in the Distributed Switch

How To Enable The VMware vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check

Go to Networking View Select the DVSwitch -> Configure -> Health check and click on “Edit

Enable the VLAN and MTU: and Teaming and failover: options

Once you enabled the Health Check go to the “Monitoring” tab and select the Health tab, select one of the ESXi Status and you can view the status of your uplink and the VLAN configuration

Teaming is not configured and Failover not configured and status shows as Unknown

Here is one of the Switch with Warnings, Teaming and Failover Configured ans status is Normal

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