VMware Skyline Collector 2.0 Release

VMware Skyline Collector 2.0 Release

I have published previous articles with related to VMware Skyline in my blog to show the VMware Skyline deployment and introduce VMware Skyline Advisor 1.0 release, it was a great pleasure to try this service as soon as it was released at that time.

To touch the base, VMware Skyline is a proactive support service which offers from VMware Global Support Services to automate and secure the activities such as collect, aggregate and analyze the customer workload data to identify the potential problems in the customer datacenters. This can reduce the time of the actual time resolution of a problem and act proactively in a such situation. Ultimate resolutions to all the problems is the primary expectation of every customer and this can be a great start to evolve the customer satisfaction to the maximum level.

What’s New In VMware Skyline Collector 2.0

Registration Process:

VMware Cloud Services have been used to register and access the Skyline service. With this process single agreement can be used to segment the customer data with multiple organizations and business units.

Skyline Log Assist:

This helps to upload the VMware logs from Customer environments to VMware for the support request diagnosing activities, I hope every VMware admin is aware that we have to upload the support bundles to almost all the VMware support tickets in order to find the final solution. This activity can be eliminated with this release.

In the Skyline Advisor customer can initiate the log transfer from customer datacenter to VMware and also VMware Technical Support Engineer (TSE) can initiate the log request and customer will needs to approve the log transformation.

Following privileges should be granted to the account which used to add the vCenter to the collector in order to function the log transformation correctly.

  • Global.Diagnostics
  • Global.Health
  • Global.Settings

These categories of information will be transferred to VMware after initiating the log transformation.

  • Configuration Data
  • Feature Usage Data
  • Performance Data
  • Product Log Data

Compatibility Of The Skyline Collector 2.0 With Other vSphere Products

  • VMware vCenter Server: 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 6.7
  • VMware ESXi: 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 6.7
  • VMware NSX Manager: 6.2, 6.3, 6.4
  • VMware VSAN: 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7

How To Upgrade The VMware Collector From Earlier Version To Skyline Collector 2.0

To do that, we need to login to the VMware Skyline Management interface accessing https://Skyline_collector_IPaddress_or_FQDN and provide the username and password to login

VMware Skyline Collector 2.0 : Login

Go to “Update” tab and click on “Check Updates” button, wait for the update check and once it found the latest version click on the “Install Updates” button to begin the installation

VMware Skyline Collector 2.0 : Check update

Accept the “EULA

Click “OK” to start the upgrade

Let the appliance to complete the update installation

Appliance will request a reboot after the successful completion of the update installation

Go to “System” tab and reboot the appliance

Confirm the System reboot request

Once it completes the reboot, confirm the version after login back to the management interface

Auto Update can be configured after login to the Skyline Collector

Resolved Issues and Improvements

Skyline Collector version

  • Log rotation
  • Cleanup Scripts have been added to ensure the disk space for the upgrade
  • VC_Host endpoint resolution added to avoid the abnormal appliance behaviour
  • VC_Extra endpoint resolution to non-VSAN customers

Skyline Collector

  • Skyline Collector Resiliency improvements
  • Edit functionality to the Username and Password for the vCenter and NSX Manager
  • Product endpoint Stop functionality removed
  • Resource utilization issues fixed related to VC_Events

Article Short Link: https://tcrum.net/Skyline2release

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