Runecast Analyzer v2.5: Now Support For VMware Horizon

Runecast Analyzer v2.5: Now Support For VMware Horizon

Following best practices in any environment is a crucial factor and it can be a the reason behind well optimized and running with minimal issues in any production workloads. Manual optimization procedures or following tons of documentations related to VMware Virtualized environment is not that feasible as we expected and that’s where this wonderful product comes in to play. 

Runecast Analyzer is a well known product for optimizing, issues and error findings, and following best practices against the numerous articles available in VMware Knowledge base for vSphere products such as vSphere datacenter, NSX-V and VSAN. With the release of the version 2.5 it’s now supported with VMware Horizon and it can be a great benefit for any VMware End User Computing Space. 

What Can Be Expected With VMware Horizon Support?

Runecast Analyzer v2.5 brings an automated knowledge base to the Horizon environments providing below benefits to the customers:

  • Analyzer identifies known issues with related to VMware Horizon and it shows where it can be affected and how you can overcome with that. 
  • It validates your VMware Horizon environment against the recommended best practice designs, if there is any configuration which violates the recommended best practices you  have the chance to fix it with the support of Runecast Analyzer
  • Perform intelligent analysis along with the underline stack with VMware vSphere, NSX-V and VSAN and identify the affected components in your environment. 

How To Setup And Perform the Scan

Setting up the Runecast Analyzer is not a big deal and it’s quite easy. Just sign up with Runecast and download the OVA provided. Deploy it in your environment. 

Download Runecast Analyser Now

Once you successfully downloaded and deployed the appliance go to settings page and add the connection server or your load balancer details as below

Image courtesy of Runecast
Image courtesy of Runecast

Once it successfully connected connection settings can be seen as below

Image courtesy of Runecast

You can move around the VDI components under “Inventory View” section 

Image courtesy of Runecast

Simply Click on the “Analyse Now” option and it will start the analysis of your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Image courtesy of Runecast

Available best practices along with the severity can be seen as below and you can see the available options to resolve or mitigate them 

Image courtesy of Runecast

More details of the issue can be seen as below with the recommended VMware Knowledge base article

Image courtesy of Runecast


Runecast Analyzer has extended it’s supports to the another VMware flagship product and it is now available for the End User Computing environments. Scanning best practices and configuration issues against the VDI environment can be very useful and this can be really important to minimize the unexpected downtime, performance issues and any best practices required in the VMware environment. With this release with Runecast Analyzer your VMware environment is running with a greater stability and less hassle of following the best practices through the tons of documents. Give it a Try!

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