How To Use VMware Skyline Log Assist Feature

How To Use VMware Skyline Log Assist Feature

I have already published few articles related to VMware Skyline and there was a new feature introduced in VMware Skyline Collector 2.0 in VMworld Europe and it’s a quite useful feature which can reduce the work over head for the VMware administrators as well as VMware Technical Support Engineer (TSE). Generating logs and uploading to the support FTP site/ticket was a bit of time consuming task but it’s crucial in investigating issues in the environment. VMware Skyline Log Assist feature helps your life more easier and faster the Technical Support from VMware. 

With this VMware Skyline Log Assist feature you can easily and directly upload the logs to the SR. Also, TSE can request the Logs and as the responsible person you can approve the request directly so you don’t need to do this action manually.

How To Access VMware Skyline Log Assist Feature

Login to your VMware Skyline Advisor using this url. Once you login to the Skyline Advisor go to the “Account Details” section.

VMware Skyline Log Assist : Home

To initiate the Log Transfer select the “Log Assist” select the respective inventory item, I select the ESXi host in my case. Click “NEXT” to continue

VMware Skyline Log Assist : Account Details

You’ll be seeing the Logged Support Requests and select the relevant support number radio button and click on “INITIATE LOG TRANSFER” button

VMware Skyline Log Assist : Initiate Log Transfer

You can see the “Log Transfer Requests” in the next tab and you need to manually approve the requests coming from TSE. There is a small button to auto approve the requests automatically, then TSE can download the logs whenever needed.

VMware Skyline Log Assist : Requests

Under “Log Library” you can see the transfer requests and filter option also there in the left hand side

VMware Skyline Log Assist : Log Library

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