Glad To Be A Part Of Oracle Ravello Community!

Glad To Be A Part Of Oracle Ravello Community!

I hope you already know about the Oracle Ravello Cloud Platform and I have been blogging few articles about this with my experience when I was working with my lab. 

As a technology enthusiast I was maintaining a small scale home lab at my home and with the release of the latest versions of VMware vCenters and other products much resources were required. It’s obvious that we have to upgrade all our environments to cater the requirements of these latest versions and it might cost you a small fortune. I had a bad situation where few of my equipment had burned and it led all of my test projects in a disaster. 

Fortunately, Oracle granted me access to the Ravello Cloud Platform and it was great opportunity for me to try out a new piece of technology and to broaden my horizons, also it was a great relief to my pain of loosing my lab. 

I started to work with the Ravello Platform and it was quite easy! Yes, I had encountered few limitations and had to find some alternative solutions to overcome with those and I was able to manage my work after spending few time and I added few tools to my knowledge toolkit which we can use for any unexpected situations, I see that as a positive side of facing challenges as a techie. You can read my previous post about the limitation that I encountered while deploying a VCSA Appliance here. Also, tweaks which you can make to run nested ESXi hosts and Virtual Machines in this post.

These are the most useful features in my Ravello Lab:

  • Application Blueprints: Create the entire infrastructure and spin up applications using the Virtual Machines in minutes
  • Run Virtual Machine in Bare Metal Servers See my previous post.
  • Training Platform: Honestly, I haven’t see something like before my experience with training with remote labs are quite painful. This is a great platform to host remote classes. See my complete guide here.

My Two Cents As A Co-presenter In The Ravello Community Call

I was reached out by TechReckoning team as a Oracle Ravello user and I had to postponed at the first instance as I was out of the country at that time. At the end of this year I was fortunate to get this opportunity as a proud user of this cloud platform. I would personally like to thank TechReckoning team to giving me such opportunity to share my experience with the community. It was a great experience. 

Basically, I wanted to cover two different sections in this community call. Firstly, the parameter tweaks we can make to run nested Virtual Machines and secondly, the way we can use this platform as a training platform. It was just a 30 minutes talk and Q&A session was there. 

Here is the small slide deck which I used, I know it’s quite small but covering all the main points which we discussed in 30 minutes time: 

I hosted the Training plat form in US Central 1 Datacenter and I accessed it in Sri Lanka, the latency was minimal and it was much faster than the remote KVM or iDRAC/ILO viwers. One question was raised from the audience, after hosting the Training platform updates to the Blueprint will automatically get updated in the Application? Honestly, I haven’t try that before and it was a gray area, but I guess it normally don’t update the application. Rohan from Oracle platform team answered to the question and it is not updating the running application as I thought. We can create a new blueprint after the change and can be added to the application as below.

Overall, it was a great experience and I glad to see that vExperts tend to use this platform to build there cloud platform. I believe it’s great start! Thank You again Oracle Ravello Team and TechRekoning team for your support!

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