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This Version Of vCenter Server Does Not Support Deploy OVF Template Using This Version Of vSphere Web Client

This was a bizarre error message appeared in vSphere 6.5 Web Client and it was driving everyone crazy because we were using the same version and it was saying that version is not supported. I hope this was a common error message in the vSphere Web client and thought to share this in my blog for my readers.

I was in the middle of a deployment and this unusual error was wasting my time and it was paving the path to a confusion of the versions of the vCenter server. Honestly, this error message doesn’t have a meaning while we were using the same version and not allowing to deploy an OVF template from vSphere 6.5 is a laughing reason. I felt that this couldn’t be the actual reason and I dig in to deep to find the reason behind all of these dramas. I hope this article will help you to save your valuable time in a similar situation.

This was the error message appeared in the vSphere Client (Flash client)

This version of vCenter Server does not support Deploy OVF Template using this version of vSphere Web Client. To Deploy OVF Template. login with version of vSphere Webclient.

I just wanted to check with the HTML 5 client which has the partial functionality at the time of writing this post and the option was grayed out.

In my environment we were not using the Content Library to store the files so service was not stated at that time, I wanted to start the “Content Library Service”. I navigated to the “Home” and selected the “System Configuration”

Select the services and Started the Content Library Service, follow the steps as below

If you need to Set this service to start automatically when the OS start select “Actions” and select “Edit Startup Type…”

Set to “Automatic” option and click “OK”

After 5 mins time I tried the OVF deployment again and it was successful. I have seen sometimes soon after starting the service this error did not disappear so I wait couple of minutes and it was successful.

I hope this will help to all my readers.

Article Short Link: https://tcrum.net/OVF-deployment-error

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