VMware vSphere HA Status Issues After Applying The L1 Terminal Fault Patches

VMware vSphere HA Status Issues After Applying The L1 Terminal Fault Patches

This issue was reported while we were applying the L1 Terminal Fault Patches in our environments. Entire cluster HA status appeared to be changed and all the ESXi hosts in the cluster started to participate to the HA election process. If you need you can read my previous article about L1 Terminal Fault from here and the use of “HTAware Mitigation Tool” from here

With the purpose of finding a fix for the issue we tried several attempts including the “Reconfigure for vSphere HA” operation and it was not a fix for the problem. Also, I can confirm that drag and dropping the host in and out to the cluster didn’t work either. 

I thought to share this article for those who are actively performing the L1 Terminal Fault Patch updates in the vSphere environments and I hope this article will help them to overcome with the similar situations. 

After applying the patches there was an alarm in the summary saying “vSphere HA Host Status” 

L1 Terminal Fault Patches : Alarm

Cluster vSphere HA State was showing most of the ESXi hosts are in the Election state and those hosts were not able to be a part of the HA cluster 

After disabling and enabling the vSphere HA feature reinstalled the agents and it was able to fix this election issue. 

vSphere HA agents uninstalled after disabling the vSphere HA feature 

HA agents were re-installed after enabling the feature again

After few minutes cluster status was totally fine and it was operational as expected

Article Short Link: https://tcrum.net/L1PatchHAState

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