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PowerCLI 11.0.0 Released – Update Your PowerShell Modules

There were lot of changes in past with PowerCLI and recently PowerCLI 11.0.0 released with new improvements and updates. With the previous release of PowerCLI there was a separate installation and with PowerCLI 6.5.1 that was added as PowerShell Modules and you can directly install it from the PowerShell gallery. 

You can read my previous article about PowerCLI 6.5.1 post from here. In this post I briefly discuss the newly added components and how to update the PowerShell modules to the PowerCLI 11.0.0 modules issuing few commands. 

Before we check the added updates let’s see how to upgrade the PowerShell modules to PowerCLI 11.0.0

Use ” Get-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI -ListAvailable ” command to see the running version

Use ” Update-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI ” to update the PowerCLI modules 

PowerCLI 11.0.0 Released : View Running Version and Update

It will take couple of Minutes to update the modules: 

PowerCLI 11.0.0 ships with below updates :

  • Added a new Security module
  • Added new cmdlets for Host Profiles
  • Added a new cmdlet to interact with NSX-T in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Support for vSphere 6.7 Update 1
  • Support for NSX-T 2.3
  • Support for Horizon View 7.6
  • Support for vCloud Director 9.5
  • Multiplatform support for the Cloud module
  • Updated the Get-ErrorReport cmdlet
  • Removed the PCloud module
  • Removed the HA module

Newly Added Security ModulesBelow Security Module Cmdlets Have Been Added

  • Get-SecurityInfo
  • Get-VTpm
  • Get-VTpmCertificate
  • Get-VTpmCSR
  • New-VTpm
  • Remove-VTpm
  • Set-VTpm
  • Unlock-VM

New-VM has added the following parameters:

  • KmsCluster
  • StoragePolicy
  • SkipHardDisks
  • StoragePolicy
  • ReplicationGroup
  • StoragePolicyTarget

Set-VM has added the following parameters:

  • DisableEncryption
  • KmsCluster
  • SkipHardDisks
  • StoragePolicy

Set-VMHost has added the following parameter:

  • KmsCluster

Set-HardDisk has added the following parameters:

  • DisableEncryption
  • KmsCluster
  • StoragePolicy

New-HardDisk has added the following parameters:

  • KmsCluster
  • StoragePolicy

Host Profile Updates

The VMware.VimAutomation.Core module has below updates and the following cmdlets have been added to help manage Host Profiles:

  • Get-VMHostProfileUserConfiguration
  • Set-VMHostProfileUserConfiguration
  • Get-VMHostProfileStorageDeviceConfiguration
  • Set-VMHostProfileStorageDeviceConfiguration
  • Get-VMHostProfileImageCacheConfiguration
  • Set-VMHostProfileImageCacheConfiguration
  • Get-VMHostProfileVmPortGroupConfiguration
  • Set-VMHostProfileVmPortGroupConfiguration

Storage Module Updates

The VMware.VimAutomation.Storage module also has some updates and the following cmdlets have been added to help automate vSAN:

  • Get-VsanObject
  • Get-VsanComponent

vCloud Director Updates 

The VMware.VimAutomation.Cloud module has been updated and the following cmdlets have been added to help automate vCloud Director networking:

  • Get-EdgeGateway
  • New-OrgVdcNetwork
  • Remove-OrgVdcNetwork
  • Set-OrgVdcNetwork

There are also, other improvements as well and for more information read the VMware PowerCLI Blog, and the VMware PowerCLI change log.

Article Short Link: https://tcrum.net/Update2PowerCLI11

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