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Enabling VMware VCHA With Two ESXi Servers

VMware vSphere 6.5 introduced lot of new features and VMware VCHA is one of the major improvement to the vCenter server system and it needs at least Three ESXi servers due to the affinity rule restriction, I had a requirement of enabling this VMware VCHA with two ESXi Servers. I have posted a previous article to show the steps to enable this VMware VCHA feature and you can read it from here

To maintain a highly available environment with VCHA enabled, there should be at least three ESXi hosts and affinity rules will be added automatically to separate the Active, Passive and Witness Virtual Machines . We are going to avoid the rule requirement and that can be achieved with a small change to the Advanced Settings in the vCenter server. 

Change The Advanced Settings 

Select the vCenter Server in the inventory and go to the “Advanced Settings” section. Search and check the values of the “config.vpxd.vcha.drsAntiAffinity” parameter, by default this value should set to “true

Click on Edit to change the parameter and Search it in the search box , set value to 
config.vpxd.vcha.drsAntiAffinity” to “false

Check the value and confirm 

After that VCHA deployment was successful without any issues. 

Article Short Link: https://tcrum.net/VCHAwith2ESXis

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