Introducing Vembu BDR Essentials for Small Businesses

Introducing Vembu BDR Essentials for Small Businesses

There is no doubt that Vembu is one of the leading Software and Cloud service provider in the industry with providing greater solutions for the disaster recovery and backup solutions. Recently Vembu has announced one of the greatest solutions for the Small Business by releasing exclusive Backup and Disaster Recovery package for small businesses having backup requirements up to 6 CPU sockets or 50 VMs. With this new package, small businesses can cut up to 50% on their regular backup expenses.Recovering your business with any kind of disaster is not that simple and it can be a time consuming process, this situation turns out worse when considering small business firms. Thinking about a disaster recovery solution at this point might not be a good idea and it is best to take prior defensive measures in order to face a disaster and for the business continuity. That’s where investing on a reliable backup solution comes in to play. 

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Vembu BDR Essentials an essential package for small businesses looking for an affordable backup solution. You get to save up to 50% when compared to Vembu BDR Suite. The important consideration of this Vembu Backup Essentials is to cut down the main expense for the backup solution and provide a reliable and cost effective solution to the small businesses. Licenses for Vembu BDR Essentials are provided at the host-level and VM-level depending on your business infrastructure and, also you have the option to select the Enterprise or Standard edition based on your requirements.

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Highlights And The Features Of The Vembu BDR EssentialsAgentless VMbackup, ensures that you have a hassle-free backup experience. You can backup multiple VMs in a single job. Vembu automatically selects the data transport mode depending on the backup infrastructure. With Vembu BDR Essentials you can backup your data in every 15 minutes which means you can have RPO of less than 15 minutes for your running VM workloads. Quick VM Recovery ensures that you can get your business up and running in minutes. You can also test the recoverability through various options like Boot check, Mount check and Image Integrity check.With Vembu Universal Explorer, you can browse, view and granularly recover individual items of Microsoft applications like Exchange, SharePoint, SQL and Active Directory. This way, you don’t have to wait for the entire image to be restored.To provide extra protection to your backup servers and the data Vembu OffsiteDR and Vembu CloudDR options are also available then you don’t need to worry about your backup servers and clusters. With many of these reliable backup options Vembu can ensure the protection to your small business as well as the safety of your data. For a larger business requirement which can be exceeded the 6 CPU sockets limitation you have the Vembu BDR suite. Check out my previous blog post about Vembu BDR Suit v3.9.1.

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