Vembu Webinar: Vembu supports vSphere 6.7 now!

Vembu Webinar: Vembu supports vSphere 6.7 now!

Vembu supports vSphere 6.7 : Webinar

VMware recently released the latest release of the VMware vSphere 6.7 and Vembu, one of the most giant software and cloud service provider released the latest release of it’s flagship product to the market, Vembu supports vSphere 6.7 now!.

Now you have a great opportunity to experience the latest advancements in the field of virtualization with VMware vSphere 6.7, while Vembu ensures the protection of your virtualized environment.

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Vembu supports vSphere 6.7 : Join WebinarVembu supports vSphere 6.7 : Join Webinar

What you can expect in this webinar :

  • Support for VMware vSphere 6.7

  • VMware Backup – An Overview

  • VM Replication – An Overview

  • Multiple Recovery Options

  • Automated Backup Verification – Explained and use-cases

  • Live Demo

Vembu, are proud to announce the release of Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.1 Update 1, the latest flagship offering from Vembu. You can now protect your VMs running on vSphere 6.7 with the enterprise-level features offered in the Vembu BDR.

Users can now experience the latest advancements in their VMware hypervisor with vSphere 6.7 while ensuring the protection of their virtual environment with Vembu 3.9.1.

The Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.1 Update 1 is now generally available(GA) and ready for download.

Download Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.1 Update 1.

Along with the support for vSphere 6.7, the latest release comes with numerous enhancements that can simplify the backup process and take the business continuity to next level.

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