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vCenter 6.0 Upgrade Error: Source vCenter Server Schema Validation Found An Issue.

This was a different type of incident and I experienced this issue while I’m upgrading the vCenter server 5.5 to 6.0 and “Source vCenter Server Schema validation found an issue” error appeared at the start of the upgrade. First of all I would like to tell you this this vCenter was an old vCenter server with Oracle database which was coming from earlier vCenter server editions and it was finally upgraded to vCenter server 5.5.

I had to upgrade this vCenter server to vCenter server 6.0 and this error message appeared in the very beginning of the vCenter upgrade.

Resolution: Please ensure extensions are compatible with the new vCenter server and re-register extensions with the new vCenter server after upgrade.

Please refer to the vSphere documentation on extensions, and the upgrade and interoperability guides. Error: Source vCenter Server schema validation found an issue.

Resolution: Read the vcdb_req.err log file and address the issue found.

Source vCenter Server Schema validation found an issue : Error

Actually, we can think about the extensions issue later or we can ignore that as we can re-register them. Actual issue was not with the extensions and “Source vCenter Server Schema validation found an issue”, that’s was the main concern about this issue.

I opened the “vcdb_req.err” file which was under “C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\vcsUpgrade” location

Source vCenter Server Schema validation found an issue : Location

I was able to identify the below errors in the “vcdb_req.err” log as below

1 [HY000](20000) [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-20000: ERROR ! Missing constraints: VPX_DATASTORE.FK_VPX_DS_DC_REF_VPX_ENT,VPX_DEVICE.VPX_DEVICE_P1;
ORA-06512: at line 260

ERROR: Cannot execute statement(rc=-1).
l_text_full VARCHAR2(32767) := NULL;
l_text VARCHAR2(2000) := NULL;
l_verid int;

Source vCenter Server Schema validation found an issue : Errors

I was searching a solution for this “ERROR” I was able to find couple of VMware Knowledge base articles and some database level queries had to directly run on the database console.

Manual modification to the Database has a Risk! Take a backup of the database and proceed with the modification

I found the similar errors in VMware KB 2147549 and I wanted to check this in the database.

Those entries were like this

Source vCenter Server Schema validation found an issue : Oracle_Out

The given queries in the VMware KB article has some query errors and had to modify those queries in order to do the modification correctly on the DB.

Source vCenter Server Schema validation found an issue : VMquery errors

These are the corrected queries to fix the issue

alter table VPX_DEVICE add constraint VPX_DEVICE_P1 primary key (DEVICE_ID) using index VPX_DEVICE_P1;

After that I was able to proceed with the upgrade successfully.

A Word Of Advise

Make sure to check and verify the required Database permissions with your database as mention in this VMware Document

That’s it, hope this article will help you to fix similar issues in your environment. Normally, this happens in very old vCenters which are upgraded to different versions.

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