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How to Achieve AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate

This is not related to any troubleshooting, new feature or break FIX! of a Virtual environment, but something related to the personal development and achievement. I wanted to share these tips with all my followers and readers to achieve their AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate certificate and I make this opportunity to share the resources that I used to study and pass the exam.

First of all I like you to recommend to follow some video training and get yourself familiar with the technology and the basic concepts of the AWS Cloud Technology. With my own experience I’d like you to recommend A Cloud Guru for your video training and complete the entire course.  I just purchased the course in Udemy which is one of my favourite self learning platform and I can recommend this to anyone who is interested in self learning.

Try to complete all the videos and get a good understanding about the AWS Cloud Concepts.
Ryan Kroonenburg is explaining all the required concepts to the certifications and practicals, make sure to make an account in the AWS free tier and practice your own. I have completed the Video course and Udemy gave me a certificate of Completion of the Course.

One important thing is this course is included with some practice quizzes and helps to understand the weaker point of the completed sections.

Once you completed the Video training of the course I’d recommend you to read the FAQs in the AWS website. These FAQs provide all the necessary details, limitations and concept behind all these services with a practical situations. Highly recommended to read at least first 20 FAQs before the Exam. For more information read the white papers and improve your knowledge.

I personally recommend to use Whizlabs practice tests before the exam. But keep this in your mind this is just only your practice tests to get yourself familiar with the questions and improve your knowledge. This is not a EXAM DUMP and you can’t depend on these tests and you can’t expect to see these questions in your exam.

I’d say this exam is a great start for your career and open to anyone. So if you are confident with the exam schedule the exam in the nearest exam center and get your self certified as I did.

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